hg7826com Is there any play for lay pigs? See this story

Is there any play for lay pigs? See this story

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Beiyang Yanxiong

We can do our best with our heart; we can go further with our heart. The same goes for pigs. If you do n’t love and do n’t care, you ca n’t raise pigs. The customer we visited today is a person who really cares.


Boss Tan Chuanzhi, Shengfeng Cooperative of Yangdong County


Character notes:

Boss Tan Chuanzhi, a distributor in the Yangjiang area of Zhengda Kangdi, sells full-price materials, premixes, and animal protection products. He also runs the Yangdong County Shengfeng Cooperative and raises 600 sows.

,谭总说起自己的“养猪经验”,反复提到这个观点。 "Going to raise pigs is like treating your own baby, so that you can really raise them well." President Tan talked about his "pig raising experience" and mentioned this point repeatedly. He often talks to his customers. Children are uncomfortable and know how to use crying, but pigs do n’t know that. So pig owners need to be more attentive and professional, so pigs will bring more returns.


President Tan started to raise pigs in 2007. Considering the industrial supporting facilities, he only got involved in feed and animal health. The area around Yangjiang is dominated by family farms, and most of them have a strong demand for advanced pig farming technology. This requires an experienced, capable, and reliable person to guide them.

From managing his own pig farm to serving more pig farms, Mr Tan realized that two things must be done well: the products must be of high quality and the technology must be professional. 了自己的技术服务部门,希望更多农户用上好饲料,养好猪,赚到钱,摆脱贫困,共同致富! So, after becoming a Chia Tai Kangdi distributor, he also established his own technical service department, hoping that more farmers will use good feed, raise pigs, make money, get rid of poverty, and get rich together!


In these years, Mr. Tan has always insisted on going deep into the pig farm and on-site service style, and visited the pig farm all year round. If there is a major problem in any farm's pig farm, he always rushes to the scene with a technician to solve the problem.

One time, a friend of President Tan asked him to borrow a car. When he returned it, he uttered the smell of a familiar pig farm in President Tan ’s car. It was really unpleasant. It doesn't smell bad. " A friend joked that since you use your car, how can you follow "smoked"?

Because he runs diligently and runs many times, nearby farmers know President Tan and fully trust him. 谭总说,当初决定长久经营一个饲料品牌之前,他花了很多精力做产品调查之后,非常坚定地选了正大康地。 "A lot of things are to compare the heart with the heart. You really help the farmers grow better, and the farmers will really follow you." President Tan said that before he decided to run a feed brand for a long time, he spent a lot of energy doing product research and was very firm We chose Zhengdakangdi. The fact did not disappoint him. "So far, farmers' evaluation of feed is highly consistent, that is, high-quality, stable, and the price is a bit high, but the value for money makes farmers have no worries."

The most direct manifestation is that since the cooperation with Zhengda Kangdi in 2013, his feed sales have been increasing. It is now one of the very potential feed distributors of Zhengdakangdi.

Products stacked in warehouse


President Tan is also one of the representatives of lay pigs and successful transformation.

He used to distribute steel in Shenzhen. He followed the advice of friends and started raising fish and pigs in 2007. Because of the good timing and catching up with the good market, he developed a strong interest in farming. Because of good management, good learning, and good summary, he also explored a set of his own farming model.

Enze of the Undead

For a person who started to know almost nothing about pig farming, in ten years, he can achieve today's results. President Tan admits that the brand selection and development concept is very important, so he has taken a lot of detours.

For example, since his cooperation with Zhengdakangdi, since 2007, many farmers will mention the name Zhengdakangdi, and he deliberately inquired about it and left a good impression. After deciding to choose a feed brand in 2013, he immediately thought of Zhengdakangdi. However, the formal establishment of the cooperation was a trial on his farm, and after the production data came out, it also showed that he was serious and cautious.

In the past three years, he has recorded detailed data of comparative experiments on his own farm and on his client's farm.Compared with other brands, Zhengdakangdi's daily weight gain, meat-to-meat ratio, and money-to-meat ratio have obvious advantages, and the pigs are healthier and better in shape . Customers are generally satisfied, and so far there has not been a case of halfway material replacement.

President Tan bluntly said that if you do n’t do something, you have to do it well. As for making money, gentlemen love money and have a proper way. 就不会三心二意,不会因为价格而动摇自己的选择,重要看价值! As long as the company's products do not have quality problems, they will not be half-hearted, will not shake their choices because of price, it is important to see value!

His insistence on this development concept also makes his business more stable. ,谭总正准备增加一个专销分店,猪场要扩张到1000头母猪。 At present , President Tan is preparing to add a special sales branch, and the pig farm will be expanded to 1,000 sows.

It is not enough to seek for a life. Despite the temptations of the western Guangdong market in recent years, Tan has always remained unmoved. 他,相信正大康地! Only by creating more value for farmers, can we achieve sustainable operation- he believes in Zhengdakangdi!

Sales clerk with President Tan

(PS: Listen to the business manager mentioning that, although he goes to the pig farm every day to go to the store to manage the business, he never knows that he is the boss. There was a salesman who came to visit him. He came in the store several times. The salesman doesn't recognize it, and he treats the employees the same way. Don't care too much and don't always call him the boss. It is his usual style to be low-key and to be high-key.)

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