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[Health] The home appliance radiation ranking, the first place is actually ...

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Today, more and more home appliances

Electromagnetic radiation needs attention

But many people do n’t know

Which appliances have a large radiation and which have a small radiation!

Take a look at the radiation ranking of these 13 home appliances!

13th LCD TV

Radiation index

Many friends like to watch TV, and it takes only a few hours to see it, so what kind of radiation harm does LCD TV have on the human body?

Research shows that the radiation value is zero when it is 30 cm away from the LCD TV screen, and still zero when it is 20 cm away, and the radiation value is about 0.03 μt (micro Tesla) when it is 10 cm away, and the distance is 5 cm At a distance, the radiation value is 1.4 μt (micro Tesla), and close to the screen will reach 16 μt (micro Tesla).

LCD TVs have almost no radiation on the sides, and the back radiation reaches 0.5 μt (micro Tesla), but the back is facing the wall, so the impact is negligible.

For the average consumer, watching television keeps a distance of at least one meter, so this distance is hardly affected by television radiation and is relatively safe.

# 12 refrigerator

Radiation index

Some families like to put the refrigerator in the living room or even the bedroom, so how big is the radiation effect?

Research shows that the radiation value near the front door of the refrigerator is 0.05 μt (micro Tesla), but it is zero when it is far away from it.

In addition, the radiation on the side and back of the refrigerator is basically the same. The radiation value near the side is 0.8 μt (micro Tesla), and the value near the back is only 0.2 μt (micro Tesla), so you don't have to worry too much about the radiation of the refrigerator.

# 11 Humidifier

Radiation index

In the office, many people like to have a humidifier on their side, so how much radiation does it have?

Research shows that the radiation value is zero at a distance of 20 cm from the humidifier; the radiation value is still zero at a distance of 10 cm; the radiation value is 0.3 μt (micro Tesla) at a distance of 5 cm; and 5.4 when it is close to the humidifier μt (micro Tesla), which exceeds the safety standard of 0.2 μt.

Therefore, when using a humidifier, it must be at least 20 cm away from the safety distance. Do not keep the humidifier close to you, so as to prevent radiation damage.

Number 10 drinking fountain

Radiation index

Although the water dispenser is a small humble appliance in your home, you should not neglect its radiation.

During the heat preservation or heating process of the water dispenser, the radiation of the water dispenser rose from zero to 0.03 μt (micro Tesla), and the radiation was completely within the safe range.

However, if the water dispenser in your home has a cooling function, when the refrigeration compressor is running, the radiation rapidly rises to 19 μt (micro Tesla), and the radiation value at this time reaches the maximum. The user must keep the water dispenser at half this time. The distance of meters.

# 9 laptop

Radiation index

Notebook computers are electrical appliances we often use, and they are used in close proximity for a long time, so how much radiation does it produce to the human body?

Research shows that the radiation value is zero at a distance of 30 centimeters from a notebook computer, and it is slowly approaching the notebook. The radiation value is still zero at 15 cm. When it is close to the edge of the notebook, the radiation is 1.6 μt (micro Tesla). The amount of radiation meets safety standards.

# 8 desktop computer

Radiation index

Desktop computers have basically entered every household, so how big is its radiation impact?

Studies have shown that the radiation value is zero at a distance of ten centimeters from the LCD screen and 0.2 μt (micro Tesla) close to the screen, which basically meets safety standards, so the radiation of the LCD screen can be ignored.

Except for the screen, how much radiation does the computer case have?

Research shows that the radiation value is zero at a distance of 20 cm from the chassis, but the radiation value close to the chassis is 10.03 μt (micro Tesla), which is far higher than the radiation standard. Therefore, in daily use, we must stay away from the chassis at least 20 Centimeters away to ensure safety.

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# 7 microwave oven

Radiation index

National standards stipulate that before the microwave equipment leaves the factory, the production department must perform an energy leakage identification. The distance between the equipment and the equipment case should be less than 1,000 μw / cm2.

According to the working principle of microwave ovens, microwave leakage can only occur around the door, and the microwave radiation decays rapidly with increasing distance. Therefore, when using a microwave oven, consumers should try to stand one meter away from the microwave oven, which can be effective. Avoid the harm caused by microwave radiation.

# 6 Induction Cooker

Radiation index

Research shows that when the induction cooker is in operation, the safety radiation standard is exceeded within 40cm (0.2μt, the higher the radiation, the greater the radiation), of which 10cm is 20μt, which is 100 times higher than the standard, but as the distance increases, the electromagnetic radiation rapidly Attenuation has met the safety standards at 40cm, which means that consumers must keep a distance of half a meter when using an induction cooker, so that users can be protected from electromagnetic radiation.

5th mobile phone

Radiation index

Mobile phones are the appliances we use every day. How big is the radiation of mobile phones?

Since the mobile phone is a high-frequency power appliance, the unit of its evaluation radiation is the heat value per unit area μw / cm2. 100μw / cm2 (microwatts per square centimeter) = 1μt (micro Tesla)

In standby, the radiation value of the mobile phone is 0μw / cm2 (microwatts per square centimeter);

During the call, the mobile phone's radiation instantly reaches 300μw / cm2, which is about 3μt (micro Tesla), which is much greater than the safety value of 0.2μt. It is recommended that users use headphones when talking for a long time.

# 4 Electric blanket

Radiation index

Whether it is the south or the north, the winter is very cold, the air conditioner is too expensive, and the refrigeration is poor, so the electric blanket has become the first choice for many people.

Although the electric blanket is very convenient, it also generates a lot of radiation during operation.

When the electric blanket is turned on, the radiation value will exceed 17 μt (micro Tesla), and this radiation value is far beyond the safe range of 0.2 μt, especially for those who have the electric blanket on all day, The radiation is still not small.

Users are advised to turn on the preheating as early as possible when using the electric blanket, and it is best to turn off the electric blanket when sleeping, so as to avoid its high radiation.

No. 3 Fat Removal Machine

Radiation index

For friends who lose weight, the fat-removing machine is an electrical appliance that is used every day, so its radiation is not large?

Studies have shown that the radiation of the fat-removing machine reaches 19 μt (micro Tesla). Since the fat-removing machine is used personally, and the use time is generally 10-20 minutes, the radiation effect is also very large.

2nd Hair Dryer

Radiation index

A hair dryer is a small household appliance that many female friends must have. How big is its radiation?

Research shows that the radiation value reaches 16 μt (micro Tesla) at a distance of 5 cm from the hair dryer vent.

Near the body of the hair dryer, the radiation value reaches 19 μt (micro Tesla). If the hair dryer is used for a long time, it will also cause some radiation damage.

# 1 Shaver

Radiation index

The shaver is an indispensable beauty appliance for men. Some friends use it almost every day. How big is the radiation?

Research shows that when the shaver switch is turned on, the radiation value instantly reaches 20 μt (micro Tesla), and the radiation value is far more than that of microwave ovens, induction cookers and other appliances, and the shaver must be used close to the face, so every man friend must try his best Reduce the use of shavers to minimize radiation damage.

(Comprehensively compiled from China National Defense Radiation Health Information Network, Baidu Encyclopedia, etc.)

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