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The story behind "Farewell to the Northwest Wolf"

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He is just an ordinary fan

I used to have an unforgettable memory

Today, a documentary "Farewell to the Northwest Wolf" ignites the feelings of Shaanxi football.

His name is Li Yusong

Today, Xiao Ka came to introduce you to this big boy who loves Shaanxi football!

Goodbye Northwest Wolf

Xiao Ka “再,见西北狼”。 : "Again, see the Northwest Wolf." What does the name mean?

Yu Song: Let's call this name, actually I have thought about it for a long time. Because the original intention of making this documentary is to take care of the football night documentary "Goodbye Northwest Wolf" five years ago and tell everyone that our Northwest Wolf is back. Goodbye can be a farewell or reunion ...

Xiao Ka 做这样一个视频的心态是怎样的呢? : What is the mentality of making such a video?

Yu Song: It's simple, because the Daqing Football Association Cup game is more meaningful, it is the first official game of the New Shaanxi Football. So I want to record it. Bring some team information to the lovely Shaanxi fans who can't watch live because of the long distance.

Xiao Ka : So did you encounter any problems or unexpected things in the shooting and production of the entire video?

Yusong: Yes, I did n’t plan well during the shooting. So some players haven't been interviewed, so sorry. There are a lot of video production difficulties, because I have to release before April 8. The entire video production process is only me and my friend, one in Guangdong and one in Beijing. It is very troublesome to communicate and make video calls every day

Xiao Ka 那视频中,自己最喜欢或者说最有感触的是哪一段呢? : In the video, which one is your favorite or most touching?

Yu Song: In fact, every player I spoke to was very touched. I can see that they really want to do something for Shaanxi football. Everyone knows it

▲ The story behind "Farewell to the Northwest Wolf"-Li Yusong and his friends

Northwest Wolf.Soul

Xiao Ka 说说自己吧,听说你很早的时候就开始去省体看球了是吧? : Talk about yourself, I heard that you started to go to the province to watch the ball, right?

恩,第一次去省体看球我记得是07年吧,当时是我爸爸的同学带我去的,那个人现在大家应该都认识,何大锤… 哈哈,很感谢他。 Yu Song: Well, I remember going to the provincial body for the first time to watch the ball. I remember it was in 2007. My dad's classmate took me there at that time. Everyone should now know each other, He Sledgehammer ... Haha, thank you very much. I remember that game was played against Shenzhen Shangqing. The two teams hit their shirts and found them interesting.

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Xiao Ka 哈哈哈我想现场气氛应该会很感染你? : Hahaha, I think the atmosphere at the scene should be very contagious to you?

对啊,因为当时还小。 Yu Song: Yes, because it was still small. Never before have such people cheered on. And never had a close encounter on the field. So all of a sudden I was attracted.

Xiao Ka 当时应该还是初中? : Should it be junior high school?

对当时初一 Yu Song: For the first day

Xiao Ka 所以 浐灞应该是你对陕足很深的回忆和牵绊了吧? : So it should be your deep memories and ties to Shaanxi Football?

对啊,说实话,我这个年纪。 Yu Song: Yes, to be honest, I am of this age. No contact with national power at all. I can't appreciate the feelings of other Shaanxi fans for Guoli, but I have invested too much in this team. It's just that the ending is not perfect, however. Only when you are imperfect will you miss it

Xiao Ka 名字可以看的出,足球之夜的那期“再见西北狼”也会对你影响很深。 : You can see the name. The "Goodbye Northwest Wolf" issue of Football Night will also affect you deeply.

我说我看哭了你会信吗,那对我来说真的是无法磨灭的记忆,尤其最后纪录片结束的那首beyond的情人…太催泪了 Yusong: I said I would cry if you saw it, would you believe it? That is really an indelible memory for me, especially the beyond lover at the end of the documentary ... too tearful

Xiao Ka 当时有想过日后会做些东西来帮助陕西球市吗? : At that time, did you want to do something to help the Shaanxi ball market in the future?

浐灞老城根走了之后,我也就到外地上了大学。 Yu Song: After the old city roots left, I went to university in the field. The idea at that time was to hope that one day I could contribute a little bit to Shaanxi football, even if I was standing in the stands.

Xiao Ka 最后我想问问你对自己的规划,毕竟现在是大四,以后会回陕西来么,会坚持这份陕足梦吗? : Finally, I would like to ask your plan for yourself. After all, you are a senior. Will you return to Shaanxi in the future? Will you stick to this Shaanxi foot dream?

肯定会回到西安,这么说吧,无论我以后从事什么职业,我都愿意为陕西足球继续奉献自己的微薄之力。 Yusong: I will definitely return to Xi'an. Let's put it this way, no matter what career I will pursue in the future, I will continue to contribute my modest strength to Shaanxi football. Everyone picked up firewood and the flames were high. I hope everyone will work together. The future of Shaanxi football can be expected

Xiao Ka said

雨松在采访中我该怎么称呼他的时候,他说自己曾经在球迷中叫“大帝”,现在叫雨松也可以。 When I asked Yusong what I should call him in the interview, he said that he used to be called "the emperor" among fans, but now he can also be called Yusong.

I didn't ask for his opinion, but I called him "Yu Song".

I think this is just like the red of Chang'an Athletic replaced the yellow of National Power and Yi Period. From tomorrow on, everything will be new.

From the beginning, when I was a star player, I felt a lot of difficulties other than love, including no money at all, so I have always used ipad to record videos, I do n’t know technology, and of course there are many criticisms. This makes me understand more about the difficulty of Yusong, and I also hope that I can do my best to make this child who dares to do his dreams not disappointed.

Yusong, maybe I shouldn't rely on old people to sell old ones. But there are things you still need to know.

The star has been doing this for so long, and still far from expected. But every interview, every issue of the video, and every explanation of the controversy is a lonely growl of "love extraordinary" in my heart. This is happy!

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