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Detour, path, life path

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Living gold

Life is long and time is most ruthless.

Looking back on those paths,

There are many detours, trails, dangerous roads, hidden roads.

Only those who are determined and never stop,

Only hope to reach a distant distance of victory.

You can go anywhere

I ca n’t go except the road;

You can choose any way,

Only astray can not choose.

Although the path of life is tortuous, it is beautiful.

As long as you watch carefully, you can taste the beauty along the way.

On the path of life,

Going uphill with strides,

Be careful when going downhill,

When you walk along Yangguan Road, you must look ahead.

Go down the intestines and look down at your feet.

Red Snow Brush

someone said,

Rucksack is a passenger;

Let go of your burden and find your hometown.

At this age I understand:

Change can change,

Accept what cannot be changed.

There is no absolute peace in life.

Since we are all passers-by,

Should take a calm and indifferent heart,

Go well.

After the resurgence of mountains and rivers,

Laughing at the earth.

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