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College News | 2016 Annual Work Report of the Youth League Committee of the College of Science

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In the past 2016, under the leadership of the school's party committee and higher-level youth league committees, the Youth League Committee of the College of Science and Technology actively carried out various tasks around "one core, two priorities, three types of training, and multiple exchanges." Encouraging progress has been made in all areas.

First, a core

In order to comprehensively improve the ideological and political quality of the students in the whole school, in the past year, the Youth League Committee has carried out in-depth education on college students' ideals and beliefs, moral education and humanistic education around a core, namely, the core values of socialism. Held a number of educational activities, such as: "Thanksgiving Education" activities, "love donation" activities, "first lesson" and so on. 盟,微信平台理学显微镜等,进一步提升了全院学生的思想政治素质In addition, the Youth League Committee of our academy complies with the trend of the times and actively develops ideological and political education positions. There are mathematical and physical chemical alliances on the QQ platform, and physical microscopes on the WeChat platform, which have further improved the ideological and political quality of the students .

The picture shows the event site

Two or two points

In the past year, the work of the Youth League Committee of the College has focused on the construction of academic style and quality, constantly enriched the cultural activities of the College, and strived to enhance the students' practical and innovative capabilities. Over the past year, a variety of activities including reading day activities, discipline safety education activities, teacher-student volleyball matches, PPT style contests, Chinese speech contests, debate contests and other activities have continuously improved the students' personal qualities and abilities.In addition, the Youth League Committee of the college encouraged students to participate in various academic activities and received good results .

The picture shows social practice activities and debates

At the same time, pay attention to make students improve themselves in practice, create value in practice, apply knowledge in practice, and test the true knowledge in practice. Driven by the spirit of Taihang Mountain, the team members actively engaged in social practice, gave full play to their abilities, continued to strengthen their convictions, and made continuous efforts to progress. In normal times, the college has shown the spirit of "Liguang Shiguang" in bits and pieces, warming the orphans, loving the elderly, donating books, etc., and volunteering to warm you and us.The "Science and Light" volunteer service group of Agricultural University of Hebei was awarded the honorary title of "Outstanding Youth Volunteer Group of Baoding City" in 2016 .

The picture shows the practice of "Li Weiguang" volunteer service group

Only the strong can survive

Three or three types of culture

The three types of training refer to the cultivation of students' human qualities, the training of student cadres, and the training of student party members. Doing a good job of these three trainings is undoubtedly the top priority.Through training, students will be improved in their humanistic cultivation, the ability of student cadres, and the party spirit of student party members will be sublimated, laying the foundation for the future development of the College of Science and injecting vitality .

The picture shows the college party class

4. Multiple exchanges

  After two years of continuous exploration, the "face-to-face" series of activities of the Faculty of Science has basically formed, with students, majors, and colleges face-to-face. Students exchange face-to-face experience; major face-to-face, apply what they have learned; middle-level leaders of the college face-to-face with students, and normal sharing and exchange. In 2016, the "face-to-face" series of activities have made significant progress. We have a more comprehensive understanding of students' life and learning. In response to different aspects, the Youth League Committee of the School of Science invited different professionals to communicate with students. Through special work, the college answers students' doubts in life and study, relieves stress, and makes the body and mind grow healthily.

The picture shows the communication between professionals and students

Say goodbye to 2016 and look forward to 2017. The Youth League Committee of the College of Science will further adhere to the centralized learning system, improve the ideological level and professional ability of Youth League organizations, and strengthen the ideological guidance to young college students. Increase resource integration and expand the number of functional departments that cooperate with the Youth League Committee. It also promotes the connection between various activities and talent training programs, and improves the contribution of campus activities to talent training. Implement the construction of key work demonstration projects, establish work standards, improve work levels, improve work systems, and achieve scientific development of the work of the Youth League Committee.

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