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"Who is this to marry? Why didn't you see the groom officer?"

"It is King Ling, King of War Ling! Marry Mu Er ..."

"I heard that King Ling is not well, no wonder he didn't come to welcome him."

"What? It was King Ling who married Mu's cowardly straw bag! He was still retired by the prince!"

"No, it's a marriage personally given by the emperor."

"Why did the emperor give that bale to Ling Wang? It is so wronged to Ling Wang!"

Mu Qingge listened to the noise outside, and opened her eyes with difficulty, and her throat was awkwardly sweet.


Mu Qingge spit out a bite of congestion in her throat, raised her hands and wiped the corners of her mouth, and she was shocked.

The bloody red blood stains on the weak and boneless hands looked whiter.

This is not her hand!

The color is not right, she obviously has wheat skin color!

The size is not right, the little hand in front of me is clearly not yet grown!

Only then did she realize that she was wearing a red outfit with Fengguanxiayu on her head, which was clearly a costume that ancient women would wear when they became married.

What's more, shouldn't she be whine?

She is a top physician in the Research Institute of Country Z. She specializes in Chinese and Western medicine, and is particularly good at acupuncture. I received a message from the organization this morning, asking her to rush to country M immediately to help a patient suffering from leg problems with acupuncture. She flew in a private jet from country Z to country M. She never thought that the plane had an accident in mid-air, she was unfortunately killed.

Mu Qingge thought about the things in his life, then looked at his white tender hands and the bright red wedding dress on his body, and finally accepted the reality.

She is crossing!

But this crossing will have to marry someone, or is such a broken body, do you dare to be more sad?

Mu Qingge had just wiped off the blood on her hand, and a strange memory burst into her head.

This body is also called Mu Qingge. It was the maid of honor of the court prince. Because of the death of his mother, Xing was weak, without virtue and talent, and was called a straw bag. Because she had a grandfather general, she was accused of being a princess when she was a child. Who knows, seven years ago, there was news of her grandfather's rebellion, and his grandfather's family was copied and destroyed. Fortunately, the Emperor Yingming did not implicate innocent people, and the Mu family was preserved.

After losing the power of her grandfather's family, the prince had always abandoned her as a falcon, and finally, last month, she married her as expected, but she was given to the prince's uncle by the emperor, Ling Wang Xiahou.

However, the original owner had a deep affection for the prince, and swore he would not marry. He had his wrist cut off the night before he got married. Fortunately, he was found in time. Who knows, she secretly took poison again before going to the sedan chair today.

Mu Qingge sighed for a while, what an infatuated woman, unfortunately!

Suddenly there was a cramp in the abdomen, Mu Qingge's brows frowned slightly, and he used the doctor's system to check his lower body.

After the doctor's system reminded the body to take a small amount of arsenic, Mu Qingge was excited for a while. I did not expect that she had passed through another world, and the doctor's system followed her!

The doctor system is the latest research result of country Z. It is an intelligent medical system that is implanted in her brain and nerves. It is controlled by her conscious Cao. She can freely access items and help her detoxify.

The spit of blood she had just spit out had already spit out most of the cream in the body. Mu Qingge took the medicine from the doctor's system and cleared the residual toxins. Then she took some trauma medicine and bandages. The wound on the wrist was bandaged again.

21 world she is dead, I'm afraid she can never return to the original world.

So, the top priority is to live in this world first!

Mu Qingge sat in the sedan chair and ignored the comments outside.

It can also be known from the memory of the original owner that the emperor gave her to King Ling, saying that it was a joy, but it was actually a shame.

King Ling is the god of war in Dongchu, and she is just a cowardly straw bag, and it is not necessary for the prince. For this matter, any man will feel insulted, not to mention that the man is still a God of War.

She married into King Ling's palace, and you can imagine what happened next. Even if King Ling killed her to vent her anger, no one would dare to say anything?

She died, and Ling Ling declared that she could die.

Her presence will always remind King Ling that this is the shame the emperor has given him.

Mu Qingge looked down at the clothes on her body, but felt that this red was extremely dazzling.

She never expected that she would marry so foolishly, and the road ahead was uncertain.

Mu Qingge took a deep breath and cheered herself up. After she married Ling Palace, if Ling really couldn't tolerate her, she would ask her to go to the hall.

An hour later, he finally arrived at Ling Wangfu.

With a red hijab on her head, she could only see a small area under her feet, and she only knew that someone had led her to the main hospital.

"Oh, is this the grandmother's princess?" Suddenly, there was an enchanting voice.

There was a hint of lightness in the man's voice, but there was no contempt.

"Return to Duan Duan, this is Miss Mu Jiaer."

He was talking about Miss Mu Family, not Princess Ling. It seems that her identity as Princess Ling is not recognized at all.

"Okay, I'll take Miss Muer to the hall. The emperor is waiting to worship."

"Yes, Duan."

The dude named Duan took Mu Qingge all the way to the hall, and before she went in, she heard a cough.

"Ahem ..."

One after another, like coughing out the entire lung.

At this time, the doctor's system suddenly made a "dipping" sound, reminding her that there was a patient here and needed treatment.

This doctor system will score her according to the patients she treats. When the score reaches a certain level, she will redeem medicines or medical devices by herself. Conversely, if she ignores the patient, the doctor system will forcefully deduct the points. When the score is negative, she will bear the punishment of the doctor system-heartache.

So far, she has not been punished, and she does not want to be punished by the doctor system, so she is usually diligent to rescue the wounds.

But now we are going to worship!

If she were to heal the person now, I'm afraid she would be treated as a lunatic by everyone!

Mu Qingge could not help but curse: this pit father's doctor system.

If only it would be more Xing-friendly!

As Mu Qingge was engaged in psychological activities, a majestic voice came from the front, "Ling Wang, why is your body getting worse and worse? Su De, turning back to the Tang Dynasty to send a few thousand ginseng tribute to Ling Wangfu. "

"Return to the emperor, my brother and sister are old illnesses, so I will not bother the emperor."

The man's voice was cold and calm, as if the stone entered the sea, calm and calm.

My brother, is it King Ling?

She knew that Ling Wang, who was about to marry, was a sick child, but she never thought he had fallen ill.

Mu Qingge saw a pair of buckskin boots walking towards her through the red hijab, and then the other end of the red silk was held by someone, a faint smell of herbs struck.

At this time, a clear voice came, "Father Emperor, the time has come, and the uncle should worship."

Mu Qingge's heart fluttered, and through the memory of the original owner, she recognized that the voice was a prince!

Immediately afterwards, Mu Qingge felt several eyes cast on her.

Although her head was still covered with a red hijab, she could still feel those strong eyes.

The prince talked, and everyone saw what she was doing. Do you think she would tear off the hijab in public for the prince?

At this moment, the hall was extremely quiet, and the needle drop was audible.

Mu Qingge always stood silently, staring at his red embroidered shoes.

After a while, the emperor waved his hand and said, "Since the time has come, let's begin worship."

After worshiping the church, a sharp voice shouted into the cave.

The emperor also said intimately: "Ling Wang is not in good health, and everyone is not allowed to make trouble today."

Mu Qingge allowed the girl to take her to the new house. She just felt that the red silk pulled in front was loose, and the scent of the herb disappeared.

In the new house, Mu Qingge directly removed the hijab from his head, then removed the heavy Fengguanxiayu from his head, and squeezed his sore neck.

Marrying in ancient times was really hard!

"Mum ..."

After hearing the reminder from the stomach, Mu Qingge remembered it. Since last night, the body has not eaten, and today I have tossed for another day. It is no wonder that you are not hungry.

Mu Qingge found some snacks in the new house, barely cushioned his stomach, and then removed the obstructions from his body.

It was getting dark outside, she seemed to be forgotten, let alone Ling Wang, not even a niece.

Mu Qingge knew that Ling Wang would not come tonight, and he was relieved to have no reason.

When she married from Mu family, she didn't bring her daughter-in-law, so she was the only one in the grand new house at this time.

Mu Qingge looked at the new house without any decoration, not even Zhang Dahong's word of happiness, and it was indifferent.

It can be seen that although King Ling worshipped her on the surface, but she actually did not consider her as Princess Ling, where would there be a new house?

After a long day of tossing, this body has no energy for a long time. As soon as it fills his stomach, he feels sleepy.

She lifted the quilt directly and lay on the couch, no matter what would happen, let's raise the spirit first.

As soon as the emperor left, the lively atmosphere of King Ling's house sank, and he was not half happy.

"Keke ... kekekeke ..."

A violent cough sounded exceptionally clear in the quiet study.

The man's handsome white face was flushed with redness, as if out of breath, and the red suit was changed for a long time. At this time, the black robe on his body looked very thin.

"Get your medicine, please!" Said a man in a dark robe, anxiously.

At this time, a section of flaming sleeves stretched out and stopped him. "Girl Baili will be back in two months, and the medicine left can only last for one month."

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"But Duan Gong, Lord Wang already ..."

"No!" The man had passed, and the redness on his face had faded.

"The emperor is so bullying. How could Lord Ye's body be so frustrating, even forcing him to go to church!"

"Xia Li, the emperor is here, can Grandma not worship?"

"But, the emperor was obviously ... insulting the grandfather with that Mu's bale ..."

"Where's the princess?" It was still the voice with a slight buzz.

"What princess, she clearly is Mu's straw bag!" The man in the ink robe called Xia Li said indignantly, adding a look at the man's face, "She ate a snack, and now she fell asleep."

"Oh, this Miss Mu Er has some meaning, doesn't she know how many people will do something to her tonight?"

The man's side face was very deserted in the candlelight, and for a while, his thin lips spit out a sentence, "Act as planned."

If he wants his life, it depends on whether the person has the ability. As for Mu Qingge, it depends on her life is not enough!

In the early summer night, it was slightly cool. The bed swayed, and the woman's sleeping face was quiet and beautiful.

Although Mu Qingge was very tired, she slept very lightly. When she heard the footsteps in the room, she opened her eyes immediately.

She stared at the visitor with vigilance, and when the man reached out to her shoulders, the silver needle in her hand had quickly resisted the comer's point.

"Don't move, otherwise, the fairy Luo will not save you!"

The man obviously did not expect to fall on her hands, and asked incredulously: "Miss Mu Er?"

"It's me, who sent you to kill me. Do you know that this is King Ling's Palace, I'm the imperial Princess Ling, do you think you can go out if you kill me?"

Although the people of Prince Ling did not recognize her as a princess at all, otherwise the assassin would not enter her room in a grand manner, but the title of Princess Ling should still be used!

"Miss Er, the subordinate was sent by the prince. His Royal Highness said that it was indeed wronged for Miss Er to marry Ling Wang. He couldn't do anything about it. He just sent his subordinate and asked if Miss Er was willing The subordinate helped Miss Er to escape from Princess Ling. "

Escape from Ling Palace?

Mu Qingge almost laughed, she was not a fool, and the other party used such words to coax her!

If the prince is really good for her, why did she remarry her? Why didn't she help her before she married Ling Wang, but now she wants to risk her escape from Ling Wang's house?

I'm afraid as long as she leaves the door, waiting for her is death!

She will undoubtedly make Ling Wang a laughingstock for Beijing teachers. She thought that King Ling would not allow the prince to make him shame!

I didn't succeed when I visited the church today. Would I come out again at night?

The man saw that she did not respond, and for a moment, he said, "Miss Er, your Royal Highness was sent by her. Why don't you believe in His Royal Highness?"

Looking at this man's eager look, Mu Qingge suddenly understood what, if it was the original owner here, wouldn't he just believe him?

Would n’t the original owner be such a idiot?

"Let's go, I am willing to marry Ling Wang, who is much better than Prince!"

"Willfully? But Ling Wang not only ruined his appearance, but also died soon ... Where can he compare with His Royal Highness?"

"Ling Wang is my God of War in Dongchu. The boy became famous and protected the peace in the borders of East Chu. When Ling Wang killed the enemy, the Prince did not know in which woman's arms to eat Nai!"


"Don't leave again, beware of your Xing fate!" Mu Qingge said the silver needle in her hand pushed forward one more finger, as long as she pointed it forward, the person in front of him would die on the spot.

She is a doctor and doesn't want to kill anyone!


Just then, the door of the room was suddenly opened, and a few men in black immediately poured in. Mu Qingge immediately looked at the door.

The man in front saw the opportunity, and slapped her on Mu Qingge's shoulder with one palm.


Mu Qingge frowned for a while, this palm really hurts, it is estimated that it is bruised!

Before she had time to rub her shoulders, a steel knife with a flash of cold mang chopped at her, Mu Qingge rolled directly on the ground for a week, and she did not care about how embarrassed, and hurriedly avoided the blade.

In the blink of an eye, the comer pushed towards her again with a steel knife, Mu Qingge pursed his lips and stepped back step by step.

Oops, forced to a dead end!

Mu Qingge was so nervous, who was going to kill her?

She almost flashed to the eyes with the dangling steel knife, took the sweat medicine out of the doctor's system, and was about to scatter the approaching person. A silver light flashed, and a long sword instantly picked up the steel knife in front of her.

Immediately afterward, fiery red robes floated by, and all the black men in front of him were taken out.

Mu Qingge put the sweat medicine in his hand back into the doctor's system and thanked the red man: "Thank you."

The man heard her, gave her a distracted look, and wrestled with the men in black again.

Just a quick glance, the red lips and white teeth of the man in red reflected in Mu Qingge's eyes, it was really a seductive man.

"Dare to run into Ling Palace at night, who will give you the courage!"

This voice Mu Qingge remembered that it was the Duan duo today. It turned out that this red dude was him.

"Qiling, lead these people out, don't dirty the palace."

At this moment, a very light voice came with a hint of oppression. Then, a thin man entered the room, and the door was closed immediately, blocking all the killings from the outside.

For a while, the smell of herbs gradually came, and Mu Qingge had no reason to feel a sense of coercion. It was Ling Wang!

Sure enough, a man with a silver mask came into his eyes, he was tall and erect, but he was a bit thin, like a long-term torture.

"Cough cough ..." Xia Houyu stroked his chest and locked the petite figure in front of his eyes.

He thought that she would just follow the man out of Ling Wang's house. If that was the case, he wouldn't have to take a shot, and Xia Li would have her directly!

He Ling can't afford to lose this face!

However, she didn't leave, and she also ridiculed the prince. When she mentioned the prince, she didn't have half the admiration. Is this really the lady Mu Er who was seeking death for the prince?

Mu Qingge glanced at the man's man calmly. She just saw the intention of killing in his eyes. This man really wanted to kill her!

However, when she lowered her eyelids, she ignored the suspicion at the bottom of Xia Houyu's eyes.

"As soon as you are married to Ling Palace, don't embarrass Wang Palace, otherwise, cough ..."

The man's voice was lingering and steady, even with a nice magnetic Xing, but what he said was surprising.

"Dididi ..."

At this time, the doctor's system sounded again to remind her to treat the patient. Mu Qingge reluctantly pursed her lips. The Ling Wang had already caused her to detain him for a very long time, but the doctor's system had given another reminder .

She wants medical treatment, but this Ling king ... is he willing?

The point is, is he willing to believe her?

"Keke cough ..." Xia Hou, who was on the opposite side, looked sore and red at the moment, and looked extremely uncomfortable. He skillfully took out the parchment from his chest and wiped his mouth.

Mu Qingge saw a blood stain on the parcel, and he coughed up blood.

He seemed to be accustomed to this movement, without any turbulence, even with a touch of elegance.

It can be seen that Xia Houyu often coughs up blood.

Is he tuberculosis?

Tuberculosis was terrible in ancient times, almost terminally ill. Looking at him, I am afraid that even if it is modern, it may not be cured well!

"Dididi ..."

The alarm sounded louder and louder, and she could not afford to think clearly. She bit her lip and walked towards Xia Houyi, hesitating, "Master, I have a way to help you stop coughing. Let me try it."

As soon as her words fell, Xia Houzhen raised his eyes and looked at her, his eyes narrowed, and it seemed as if he had lost his intentions again.

Mu Qingge suddenly sank.

He doesn't believe her!

Indeed, her behavior can easily lead to suspicion.

Mu Qingge wants to cry without tears, this pit father's doctor system, she was miserable!

At this moment, she had to bite the bullet and said, "My lord, my mother used to massage me to relieve the cough. It worked. My lord can rest assured that I definitely don't want to hurt my lord's mind. Besides, I am just a introduction Weak women have no power at all. If I want to do something wrong, Lord Wang could kill me. "

Candles were burning in the room. In the candlelight, Mu Qingge's clear eyes were full of sincerity and reflected directly into Xiahou's deep eyes.

For a long while, the murderous spirit in his eyes faded, and the dark pupils were like ponds, deep and cold, making people unable to see their thoughts.

Taking this opportunity, Mu Qingge immediately walked to Xia Houyi and pulled Xia Houyi's hand.

His hands were very cold, as if they were freezing into the bone marrow, and there was a thin layer of cocoon on the palm, which was a bit ugly to the touch. This is something experienced in the field.

Mu Qingge didn't have much time to think, accurately found the cough, Xue, and slowly rubbed.

Xia Houzhen was so cold-hearted that he didn't dare to approach. Mu Qingge kept doing psychological work for himself. This would make Wang Ling just a patient in her hands. Don't be nervous.

Xia Houyi's palms became hot immediately, her little hands were tender and delicate, as if the warm sun in the winter thaw his cold.

There were so many doubts on Mu Qingge that he had to guard against it. Just the moment she grabbed his hand, he should have strangled her directly, but looking at her clear eyes, he subconsciously chose I believe that this makes him feel incredible.

The strength was not light, and he kneaded at once, very comfortable, making him not want to refuse.

No woman has ever dare to lean on him so close, let alone touch his hand, this Muqingge is the first!

When Mu Qingge saw that Xia Houzhen had let go of his heart, he quietly activated the doctor's system to check it, but found that his cough was not caused by tuberculosis, but caused by the cold in his body!

This cold poison ... seems very tricky, Mu Qingge frowned slightly.

"what happened?"

Xia Hou opened her mouth tremblingly, scaring Mu Qingge's fingertips, she looked up and said, "It's all right, lord, do you feel better now?"

Xia Houxi nodded his head invisibly, without speaking.

This Ling King is so alert!

Mu Qingge changed Xia Houyi's other hand, and continued to press and cough and Xue. In front of this man, she really didn't have the courage to do anything small.

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