www.w28 hg1189.com Wumei of "Happy Ode to 2" will help you get the hottest hairstyles of this year.

Wumei of "Happy Ode to 2" will help you get the hottest hairstyles of this year.

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Sanjiacun night talk

Speaking of the most wanted TV series this year, "Ode to Joy 2" must be on the list! Xiao Bian has helped you find out: Zhejiang Satellite TV and Oriental TV broadcast on May 15! Spread the flowers!

Are you going to change your hairstyle? I recommend the following 5 hairstyles, absolutely beautiful.

Andy ★ bracket head

Strong women can also be very feminine

In "Ode to Joy 1", Andy is a fiercely popular female boss in the workplace, and a big sister of five. It seems that there is nothing she can't figure out.

▲ I had sugar before it was broadcast, and Xiao Bao always said to Andy "Stay in my arms."

In the second part, Andy will start a totally different love with Singularity, and even a tough woman will become soft under the nourishment of love, which is reflected in Andy's new hairstyle.

▲ What is Andy's new hairstyle? Mystery revealed: bracket head!

The "bracket head" is the wob with partial hair, which is especially shaped like a bracket, so it is called a bracket head!

wob head? Don't understand! Only know bob head.

It's so complicated, let's repeat it:

bob head long version → lob (long bob) head → plus volume version wob (wavy bob) head → then partial points are parentheses head.

▲ The slightly curly bracket head is age-reducing and fashionable, with a fresh spring atmosphere. No, they are in love, it must be very spring ~

▲ Gao Lengfan added a sweetness, and Roumeizhong still has its own gas field, Andy, we are very optimistic about you ~

Qu Fairy

More playful

Gangzhen, 152's petite figure can perform the fashion and domineering of the rich lady. In addition to superb acting skills, it is really thanks to her short hair!

▲ I found that there is wood. In the second part, after the fairy hair of the fairy tune was fine-tuned, the whole person's fashion sense was up several levels. He is also known for his skill.

▲ The fluffy bangs with a sense of air are matched with small broken hair, and the slap face of Qu Fairy doubles delicately.

▲ When you are not confident YY: Not everyone can hold such small short hair, right? People's song fairies can always use various small objects to make hair ornaments. The last one is the sunglasses, this screen is a variety of berets and fancy hair bands.

Extreme Deranged V3.1

Fan Shengmei

Sexy does not reduce warmth and points

Jiang Xin's acting is praise, acting as a queen who suppresses the harem, and also acting as a stubborn resistance Cinderella.

▲ In the first part, Fan Shengmei came out with a sexy and enchanting aura. In the second part, she had a lot of grounding. The long waves were replaced by small and medium-sized internal buckles.

▲ Beige sweater with this hairstyle, drinking wine in the loft and girlfriends, women at home can also have a million style.

▲ The gentle hairstyle of medium and long hair is matched with the pumpkin color makeup of this year's fire, so beautiful that the whole person comes with soft light!

Little earthworm

Not too tide

Yang Zi said on Weibo, "When will you be able to grow up, little earthworm?" Although her makeup has been upgraded, the dim little earthworm will still experience many growth stories in the second part.

▲ Yang Zi, who brought her baby fat, also changed her short hair with a small face. The bangs are too tide. Is there any wood?

▲ The air-like bangs with mocha brown hair color, full of Han Fan, full of vitality, I really want to be a girl for life ~~

▲ A short haircut looks like the sea, and long hair is a passerby! Yang Zi cut short hair with the same age will definitely not regret it.

小 关 关 ★ Chestnut-colored bun

Good girls can be very varied

▲ Everyone said that there was no change in the second episode.

▲ Did you take off your glasses and become foreign? Not only oh, compared to the first dull black long straight, chestnut color, coupled with an electric bonnet, make a good girl changeable.

▲ Fluffy draped over the shoulders gave the little white rabbit a little laziness.

▲ Side braids, is n’t the little girl next to you so much more playful than the dull elementary school girl?

▲ This puffy hair type is very suitable for tying half-ball heads, cute ~

▲ Let the nature be liberated a little more thoroughly-let's have a long lasting Nezha, Xiaoguan close one, Xiaobian feels that they have killed a lot of the same actress.

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