hg099vip com The "cloud track" that connects Xi'an University Town and runs through Chang'an District is really coming

The "cloud track" that connects Xi'an University Town and runs through Chang'an District is really coming

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Seal of Sixth Regrets

的消息,西安云轨从2016年11月17日签订协议落户至今, According to the news from Xi'an , Xi'an Cloud Rail has settled in the agreement since November 17, 2016. "Currently, construction has begun in accordance with the plan, and we will strive to start production in July this year . 治堵神器 The "cloud track" is similar to an airbus, and is called a " blocking artifact " because of its development with the subway and the city .

Cloud orbit expected site

Photo / Glory Xi'an Forum

Phase 1 station: 16 17.7KM

Wei Qunan--South Changxing Road--University of Political Science and Law--Cuijiaying--Ziwu Avenue-- Normal University-Wenyuan Middle Road--Xida-Hanlin Road--Mechanical and Electrical College (City College)-Wei 32--Slope--West Electricity--South Railway Station--Samsung City--Luohe Park

Phase II: 3 5km

Hohe Park to Fengyukou

Cloud track in Xi'an will connect Xi'an University City and run through Chang'an District.

What exactly is a cloud track?

The so-called "cloud track" is actually a straddle monorail.

Is not a new thing,

Straddle-type monorail technology originated in Europe and flourished in Japan.

The world's first monorail transportation line appeared in 1824,

But the real monorail line towed by the steam engine was completed in 1888.

Just like cars, there are various production methods. BYD's is called "cloud track".

Inside Shenzhen Cloud Track

Advantages of "cloud track"

  • Construction period: 1-2 years (one-third of the subway);

  • Construction cost: about one-fifth of the subway;

  • Carrying capacity: 80-400 thousand / hour unidirectional;

  • Demolition volume: less;

  • Minimum turning radius: 45 meters;

In addition, the "cloud track" also has a small footprint;

Low noise, comfortable ride, and good landscape.

每列将会有8节车厢, It is expected that the official offline version will have 8 cars in each row.

最高运行速度达到120公里。 It can carry 1,600 passengers and has a maximum speed of 120 kilometers.

Monorail global usage

Monorail is currently used for sightseeing in most places.

Currently the longest single track in the world is in Chongqing.

60% of global passenger flow is also in Chongqing,

造成的This is also the disadvantage of monorail because it has lower capacity than subway .

Can only be a small or medium capacity rail transit

The significance of developing monorail trains

It is mainly used for passenger transportation in urban areas, suburbs and suburbs.

There are three outstanding problems in solving the urban transportation system:

Heavy congestion and congestion during peak hours,

Single traffic structure,

Has a greater impact on the environment.

In the existing transportation system,

BYD's "cloud track" will be misaligned with other public transportation such as subways and buses

Become an integral part of optimizing transportation.

So the cloud track will also bring a new look to Chang'an District.

In the future, our lives will have more vitality and possibilities.

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