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Chu Yue Han Jun Biography

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Wife and family

Jun's Han taboo town, Chu Yue its character also. The ancestors came to Xu from the eastern provinces, and the world had hidden virtues. Four pass to the king, five in the brothers line, the young and the brothers read the book, stand on the basis of behavior, do not disdain the study of chapters and sentences, and write a workmanship.三兄亮工 齐名。 Weiguan Youzhou 庠 Food 饩(Note 1) is on par with San Brother Lianggong . ,力行不怠。 Liang Gong is knowledgeable and knowledgeable, unhappy and enterprising. I chose the state, and I couldn't make it out at home. ,以年资贡成均。 Jun and Lianggong shared the same preface (Note 3) , and they were evenly distributed with seniority. After the election, he was solicited, and if he could not quit, he would be no different from his brother. 性端行方 ,造次必以礼法是遵,足不履公庭,以故郡长官多器重之,时时举以为多士,矜式其义行, 与亮工亦可称竞爽(注4) On the other hand, the sexual side of the party must adhere to the etiquette and law, not to serve the public court, and to the importance of the former county chief, and always consider it a toast. ) . He is addicted to books and bought thousands of rare books.淡宁 ”盖取武乡之言以自期,其宗尚可知己。 The room where he lives, said: " Tanning " covers Wuxiang's words to self-expectation, and his ancestors still know themselves. 策名天府 ”额言,隐寓远到之期(注5) ,非仅以乡贡言也。 First, the Emperor Kangxi's Jiaxue School gave Xu Gongrulin the title of "Celestic Heavenly Mansions" . 后进楷模 ”“ 士林矩矱 (注6) ”题赠,盖惟君当之可无愧云。 Later, Yi Higao, Shilin Jingyang, Fuxian Bai Gongjie, and Wei Gonghualin were presented at the 80th and 90th junior years with the title of " Legacy Model " and " Shilin Moment (Note 6) ". cloud. Ninety-nine years of the year ended in disease-free. The princes Yingying burst out, the prince Yu Qing, Zheng Wei Ai also.

The best scholar and the Dihanlin Academy edited by Shun Tianxiang Examination Exam

Qizhen: Six sons of Yongtai Gong, with the word Chuyue, who was born at the age of one, and a candidate for education, was born in the early years of Kangxi and died at the age of ninety-nine. Tong Yi Kangxi Ding Chou Jinshi and the Dihanlin Academy repaired the essay in the biography of Li Xun, the main examiner of the Guiyang Keshun Tianxiang Examination. Shisha Shi, Tongyi poet Sha Ming, the grandmother of Sha Wei, the county's birthplace. Ji Shixuji, a native of Xia Town, buried in the tomb of Yulong Mountain in the south of the county, and headed toward Haishan. The fourth son is Wei Ji, Wei Zhen (Zhen), Wei Shu, Chu Sha's, yuán lǐ, and Xu's. Female II, unspecified, Chang Shi Yang Fangshi, Supervisor, living in Yangjiaxiang, North of Tushan, and having a son Guanying; Ji Shi Li Yu, Zi Yican, from Jiupin, Tongyi people to teach Zhizhi Doctor, Zhizhou Zhili Prefecture Zhizhou Taboo son of Tang Shuang.

,shí xì 指明清时经考试取得廪生资格的生员享受廪膳补贴。 Note 1: Shi x , shí xì indicates that those who have passed the examination in the Qing dynasty are entitled to meal subsidy. That is to say, to be born.

Note 2: Du Du, [dūn dǔ] is interpreted as honest and honest

[xiáng xù] 泛指学校。 Note 3:蜚声 蜚 序 [xiáng xù] refers to schools in general. Yin yelled, Zhou dynasty called Xu. The preface refers to the local schools in ancient times, and it is also commonly referred to as school or education. Slang, [fēi shēng], is famous and has a high reputation.

Note 4: Competitiveness is equivalent to Comparable; Refers to Qizhengong and Qijiangong's reputation, both of which can be regarded as beautiful.

,等同“远到之器”。 Note 5: The far reaching period is equivalent to the "far reaching device". Still far away. Biography of Jin Tao · Tao Kan: "Shang Shu Yue Guang Wants to Meet Jing Yang Scholars, Arsenal Makes Huang Qing Jin Kan Yu Guang. People or not, Qing said: 'This son will be far away in the end, no doubt about it.

Doom 60 seconds

"New Tang Shu Xiao Song Biography": "Shi Cui Lin, Wang Qiu, Qi Huan are all well-known. They learned from Song Shaoshu, not from generation to generation," Yao Chong said.

Ming Xu Wei The fourth fold of "The Female Champion": "He learns both from the clans, and he is very sensitive about things, and he must be a far-reaching tool." The extension is-talents or expectations beyond ordinary people's imagination.

Note 6: Moments (jǔ yuē), meaning rules and regulations. Meaning rules and regulations.

Examinations of the 16th Sun Shichao

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