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She's not leaning on a mouth, but on her legs

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Who fights in the world of online games

Before Venus became a host of a poison tongue talk show, she was just a dancer.

It's a pity that everyone slowly forgot this, only she remembered it.

A few days ago, Venus took her own dance troupe to Changzhou to perform. When performing the dance show "Tango at Sea", she appeared in a red skirt, kicking, bouncing, holding up, all kinds of difficult movements, and the whole performance was smooth. Dripping.

When dancing, the "tongue dance claw" in the video studio, the poisonous tongue mc that frequently released arrows, suddenly disappeared, and she told everyone with an expression of joy and joy that she enjoyed this stage and she loved every minute of dancing in front of the audience .

It is easy to close your mouth and criticize others, but behind the legs are almost 40 years of hard practice, including 50 hours of three-stage surgery and 2 years of calf caused by operation failure. paralysis.

Transgender is not an easy choice for a 28-year-old youth who has won numerous awards in the dance industry as a male. But Venus survived, in addition to fulfilling her 16-year-old dream, but also to make the dance charm to the fullest. This extraordinary woman has been serving dance throughout her life.

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She is not a woman herself, but after becoming a woman, she is better than many of the same sex.

This is the rehearsal scene when preparing for "Tango at Sea": after so many years of dancing, Venus will still start with the most basic movements

Over and over again

The stage is empty and she can jump very hard.

She can jokingly criticize people and things that are unaccustomed to her, but when it comes to her dancing career, she is a bit cute:

Venus has won in the battle with everyone, but she did not win in that mouth, but in the legs that have moved most of her life. That is the most powerful weapon for dancers.

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