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A letter demanded by a mother to be open: to her ignorant child

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   Son, today you pretend to imply your mother casually, saying that house prices in the city center are soaring again. If you don't take any action, maybe you and your girlfriend won't even have a perched hut. I glanced at you faintly, and finally didn't say "Mom buy it for you" as you hope. And you, in the embarrassing silence, immediately put down the chopsticks and flung out the door. I watched your back from the window, lean, lazy, and a little wayward, you still lie in the arms of your parents, always refused to be independent.

   But, dear son, you are 25 years old, have a stable job, a girlfriend who needs care, and two parents who are getting older and need you to take care of them. Is n’t that enough to make you mature and make you Leave your parents' wings completely, put down the inertia of the elders, and take the responsibility of an adult alone?

   Remember when you were very young, you were used to finding moms. You always say, "Mom, my clothes are dirty, and you help me wash them." "Mom, tomorrow we go on an outing, and you help me pack my luggage." "Mom, my girlfriend wants to eat old vinegar eggplant, Remember to do it for her after work. "

   I have always been accustomed to listening to your orders like this, and always thought that every bit is good for you, and you will remember it, and that when we grow old in the future, you can get the same careful care and care. And your father and I also saved every penny and opened a separate account for you at the bank, only for a certain day, when you own your own small family, you can withdraw the money and give you a copy Real help.

   But now, I find that this way of sacrificing oneself and doing everything for you does not cultivate the child we want to cherish, but instead creates a socially abandoned child whose wings are degraded and his will is severely consumed. The more we love you and condone your endless dependence and demand on your parents, the more selfishness and laziness in your heart will grow endlessly ...

   When you were 5 years old, you asked your mother to help you organize toys all over the floor. When you were 10 years old, when you saw classy leather shoes on your classmates feet, you cried and asked me to buy them. When you were 15 years old, you wrote a love letter to your class. The girl said, "My mother knows a lot of people, whoever bullies you, just tell me." At the age of 20, when you were in college, you always complained when you called and said how bad the food in the cafeteria was.

   Nowadays, you come home for dinner every day, and you often bring your girlfriend back to live. While working, I have to work hard for your three meals a day. This busyness makes me unable to squeeze out even a smile.       I finally admit how big a mistake I have made in your intemperate favor for 25 years.


   Dear child, I have to tell you cruelly, your life is closely related to me before today, and I will not ask you the future path.

   Please also, like those who are self-reliant, move away from your parents and rent a house with your own salary. I will give you encouragement and courage, but I will not give you any more financial help.

   Mommy, I'm sorry, I shouldn't love you this way. And you should feel guilty about what you did. So let's forgive each other and start again.

Three Kingdoms Cao Cao Biography    What's Wrong With "Chinese Motherly Love"

   I believe that Chinese mothers love children is one of the best in the world. From children going to kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, college, to finding a job, getting married, having a child, mothers are always worried-even if they break their hearts for their children, they have no complaints.

   So was salad. She is a Jewish descendant born in Shanghai and has two sons and one daughter. Later, Sara divorced and moved to Israel with three children. When she first arrived in Israel, Sarah supported the family by selling spring rolls.

   At that time, the salad was still used to thinking about Chinese mothers: no matter how hard it is, you can't suffer children. So, she sent the children to school every day, and then she started making spring rolls and selling spring rolls herself. 她对孩子唯一的要求是:只有能考上大学就行。 When the children came home, she was busy cooking again, and the children were waiting around the warm stove waiting for the mother to bring the food to the table ... The only requirement she had for the children was: only to be admitted to college. .

   This situation lasted for a while, and finally a neighbor's uncle could not stand it. One day, she came to Sara's eldest son and said, "You are already an older child. You should learn to help your mother, instead of watching your mother busy, she is like a waste." Then the uncle was dissatisfied. Sarah shouted: "Don't think that you are a mother when you have a child, and do whatever you want to do. You are not loving the child but you are harming the child!"

   Sarah later found that in Israeli families, children are involved in domestic work without exception, and the more affluent the children, the more parents are pushed out of their homes to experience hard life. So Sarah sincerely accepted the opinion of the neighbor's uncle.

   In order to cultivate the children's survival skills, she asked the children to help sell spring rolls in a paid way. Selling a spring roll can pay 20%, and the children learned to deal with strangers during the process of selling spring rolls. Sarah also drew a watch, which was hung on the wall of the house. The watch stipulated who would wash clothes, cook, and clean the room. After the "family meeting", everyone unanimously decided to establish "on-duty parents" and stipulated the tasks of "on-duty parents".

   On the first day of Sara ’s eldest son as a “duty parent”, he mopped the floor early in the morning and bought bread nearby for breakfast. He also announced that the day ’s dinner was fried cabbage and a soup. Because the three children take turns on duty, every Sunday morning, the salad can sleep lazy, and the child in charge of the day will take out yogurt, bread in the refrigerator, fry an egg, and set the breakfast.

   Everyone loves children, even hens, but learning how to love children "ruthlessly" is not something most people can do. Today, Sara's two sons have become successful diamond dealers.

   “心软是害,狠心是爱。谁溺爱孩子,谁总有一天会为孩子包扎伤口。” Sarah summed up the secret of Jewish mother education in a book she wrote: "A soft heart is hurt, and a cruel heart is love. Whoever spoils a child will one day dress up a wound.

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