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Do you know what style of air bangs works best with?

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Do you know what style of air bangs works best with?

Air bangs once again occupied the fashion list, covering large foreheads and repairing long faces. The key air bangs abandon the thick bangs' mune, lightly fluttering to reduce the age and have a sense of fashion.

Many of you are air bangs, right? Do you know what kind of hairstyle is best matched with air bangs?

style1: Air bangs + romantic volume

This styling is arguably the most common one. The air bangs are thin and natural. With romantic curls, the overall temperament is soft and gentle, and the ladies are full of fandom.

style2: air bangs + meatball head

Air bangs and meatball heads can visually reduce the heavy feeling brought by general meatball heads, and meatball heads can ensure refreshing summers and stylish points. Most importantly, air bangs can maintain foreheads more than ordinary bangs Refreshing.


In the summer, the air bangs and the meatball heads match well. If you can hold the heat, the half meatball heads are completely ok!

style3: Air bangs + short shoulder hair

Short hair of this length, make a small hot curl, with agile air bangs, the length of the bangs in the position of the eyebrows, just to modify the shape of the face, the hair ends slightly bent out of the warp, increase the sense of activity, will look better than simple short hair too much.

style4: Air bangs + straight hair

On the basis of straight hair, air bangs can make the hair more dynamic, but also enhance the breathability and three-dimensionality of the hair, abandoning the thick feeling of long straight hair, not to mention fresh and pleasant, but freshness must be there, very Suitable for girls who do not want to change their hair.

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style5: Air bangs + ultra short hair

If it ’s just ultra short hair, you will definitely say that this style is too manly; then, you can choose air bangs + ultra short hair, even if your hair is in the position of the ears, some air bangs match, no one dare to say You have no feminine beauty.

style6: air bangs + horsetail

Air bangs with a horsetail. If your hair is long and straight, tie it high. With your air bangs, it looks better than the usual horsetail. If you do n’t like to tie your hair high, the low and double ponytails will also be Good choice.

style7: air bangs + editing

Air bangs + edited and published, the best performance in my impression is a pictorial of Yuner: fluffy side horse twist with air bangs.

style8: different air bangs positions and shapes

Do you think the windy weather will be very troublesome? Because you have to hold your bangs with your hands when you go out ...

In fact, it is completely unnecessary, and Liu Hai's side and middle points are also very good.

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