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[Appreciation] Spring rain is like a poem, wake up everything beautiful

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Shao Guangyan

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Good rain knows the season, when spring is here.

Sneaked into the night wind, moisten things silently.

Chunyu, just so quietly ...

In this Qingming season,

Into the wind, moisturizing everything.

So the footsteps of spring

Came slowly in the light breeze overnight.

Smoke and rain over the city, dripping water from the eaves,

Willow Yiyi, grass long warbler flying.

The rain glided across the world,

Smudged into a hazy, poetic painting.

Looming, quiet and beautiful,

I ca n’t help but be intoxicated,

Taste the rare mood at this moment.

The rain in spring is not like other seasons.

Like the Jiangnan woman who came slowly,

Beauty is fresh and gentle, hazy and elegant,

Like smoke, like fog, like yarn, like silk ...

Let the heart be intoxicated with a touch of joy,

I want to embrace all the beauty in this world.

Actually, the most beautiful thing is not rainy days,

But wait for a spring rain to send back spring.

Then, in the early morning when the birds tweet,

I opened the window and saw a piece of red willow and green,

The most beautiful spring rain poems in memory,

It all followed, making people forget.

Chunyu, beauty is independent, Yan Shuangfei:

One person is lonely in the midst of falling flowers,

The swallows flew in the breeze and drizzle.

Hear Liangshan lyrics

Spring rain, beauty in apricot blossom rain, willow wind:

Waiting for an apricot blossom, rain and spring rain,

Xu a willow wind blows, the spring wind blows.

Spring rain, the beauty is in the green robe and the green robe:

How can you miss a drizzle in spring?

The most pleasant thing is to let the rain lightly stroke your cheeks.

The spring tide was rushing late with rain, and Yedu drowned himself.

Spring rain, beauty is rushing in the evening, and the boat is arrogant:

The poetic raindrops gently fell on the ground,

Even if no one witnesses, she is beautiful alone.

The small building listened to the spring rain all night, and the alley in the Ming Dynasty sold apricot flowers.

Spring rain, Mei listens to rain in a small building, and sells flowers in deep alleys:

Listening to the rain overnight, turning into a little bit of emotion in my heart,

The sound of selling flowers in Shenxiang has become the most beautiful sound in spring.

In the 480 temples of the Southern Dynasty, the number of buildings in the smoke and rain.

Spring rain, beauty in the temple courtyard, pavilions:

The smoky rain hides all the scenery in the mist,

It was wonderful to stand there just to stare.

A spring rain, a little leisure,

Can satisfy all our imaginations of spring.

Would you like to walk into the boundless spring rain,

Have a romantic date with spring?

Let the drizzle come,

Imprint beauty into the heart.

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