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Which expert has figured out this WeChat? Classic, too classic

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Don't be discouraged by the queen

Such a good video, no matter how busy and rich you have to watch it!

1. Sunset, sunrise, spring sowing summer and autumn harvest. Precocious life is short, poor quality, always right on time. When it comes to fruition, the fruit is ripe, what is it?

2, but do good, do not think evil, obey the law and love the motherland. The new debt and the old debt are in charge, and there are no ghosts in the heart and no magic tricks. Heaven and earth are fair, show cause and effect, what are you afraid of?

3, the senior officials showed that the big money was wide and the wealth was like clouds. The taste of vegetables and radishes is really good. There are a lot of poor people, and each has its own place. What is better?

4, work hard, work hard, sweat for gold and silver. Working hard to get rich and fortune is long, and clever wins will cause trouble. A lot of generosity, not much, what is it?

5, tolerate security, contentment, and things outside of charity. Sons and grandchildren do not rely on us, and future generations are ignorant of wealth. Godson Mingde, lead by example, what is accumulated?

6. Parents, don't forget, the teacher's teachings kept in mind. The lamb still knows how to kneel down. What is a man without filial piety ?

7, fill the belly, that is not hungry, coarse tea light rice for a hundred years. Excessive nutrition is out of balance and greed can't be hurt. Animal carcasses, weird and sick, so what?

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8. If you get the destiny, blessing depends on the calamity, why the law of heaven has never been wrong. It is too late to read this book, and you are good friends. Seeing Xianxi Qi, remorse, what jealous?

9. You can't ask for foreign objects, and you can keep things safe for others. Jucai has no way of life, and one million can buy a bomb. Come and go naked, which belongs to me? What greedy?

10, the world is cold, the relationship is weak, the beautiful woman blinks into an ugly woman. The mansion changed hands instantly, and others were sitting high. What is love?

11. The ups and downs of the calendar, after twists and turns, there are no assumptions about the path of life. Heaven and hell are created with the industry, and each cause is right. The avenue is open to the sky, stepping on the soles of your feet, what do you regret?

12, see through, but can't bear it, the fire is invincible because of Wo. A gentleman is hardly a gentleman, a villain has his own villain. It ’s hard for you to avoid debts .

13. The mountains are strong and the water is weak. The seabed once drowned the Western Kingdoms. The wealthy man was proud of himself, and the celebrity fell down. Fortune is impermanent, high rise will fall, what is proud?

14, heart mirror, slowly grinding, learning to do carefully. Who believes that the world is a hype, and moths throw themselves into the fire. Huo Yuan Shou Yi, not tepid, what is fretful?

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