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Be a civilized person and create a civilized city. Do you

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On March 28th, the villagers (communities) came to the streets of Tanchang to meet the market. The farmers' market was full of fresh vegetables and some local products. The creative activities of Tanchang Street started in this lively atmosphere. The street leaders explained the propaganda content to the masses in detail, and distributed thousands of propaganda materials. After understanding, you understand which behaviors are civilized and which are shameful; as a citizen, which social morals, professional ethics, and family virtues should be observed. This event played a great role in propagating a harmonious society and a happy family.


In order to further advance the creation of literature, awaken the ideological consciousness of cadres, set an example, let cadres set an example, and be a good example for the people. On March 28, the Meijiuhe town government organized all 84 township and village cadres to learn the spirit of Lei Feng. The core of Lei Feng's spirit is the energy of faith, the heart of great love, the spirit of selflessness, and aggressive spirit. This is also the best portrayal of our national spirit. They are the backbone of our nation.


According to the unified arrangements of the Municipal Creative and Cultural Affairs Office, on the afternoon of March 24, the Renhuai Archives Bureau organized Wang Chenyu, Liu Yan and other four cadres and employees to travel to the Baoan area to carry out the third Creative Cultural Activity Day in Renhuai. In accordance with the requirements of the Municipal Office of Cultural Affairs and the arrangements of our bureau, the theme of this activity was to supervise the existence of problems in the insured area. The problem in the insurance area is the random parking of 2 vehicles, occupying 5 operating booths. The Bureau posted warm reminder slogans for vehicles parked randomly, and persuaded and propagated knowledge about the business establishments in Zhandao. After three consecutive weeks of activities, the awareness rate of businesses and residents of the city's cultural creation activities in the covered area has basically reached 100%. In the next step, we will focus on increasing the public's satisfaction rate with our cultural creation activities.


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