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These little jewellery from Tokyo make people feel refreshed at first sight

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Son of return

When girls come to Tokyo, it's like coming to heaven.

A variety of exquisite jewelry shops, all over the streets.

And in these small shops, you will always find a few pieces of KaZa jewelry.

KaZa, a fashion jewellery brand from Tokyo, has many styles, beautiful designs and beautiful prices.

Therefore, girls in Tokyo like to use KaZa jewelry to embellish different shapes.

A living museum recommends KaZa to you today. Allows you to take home multiple KaZa jewelry collections without flying to Tokyo.

All KaZa earrings are made of hypoallergenic materials, so don't worry about allergies after wearing them.

Smart Tassel Series

Tricolor Tassel Earrings

If you want to make your look more different, then these two tassel earrings are your best choice.

These two earrings are made of three different colors of cotton thread into three-color fringe, which are very delicate.

浪漫、淡雅,很有春天的感觉。 The fresh grey-green color scheme is romantic, elegant and spring-like.

极具波西米亚风情,最适合在穿着纯色系的衣服时佩戴。 The eye-catching brown and blue color scheme is very boho, and it is most suitable for wearing solid color clothes.

Color: Grey Green / Brown Blue

Material: Cotton + Brass + Resin

Cotton fringed earrings

These tassel earrings are made of soft cotton in the body and tassel, which is very lightweight.

Whether it's nude pink or gray, it's light and soft. It will be very suitable to match with ladylike clothes.

Color: Naked Pink / Gray

Material: Cotton + Brass

For specific dimensions and maintenance methods, please scan the QR code below.

Cotton pearl series

Lucky Cat Earrings and Necklace

The Lucky Cat Series is KaZa's most popular signature series. A little black cat and a little white cat are very cute.

Fu cat ear hook earrings, there are two options: little black cat and little white cat. The kitten shape made of cotton pearls is delicate and vivid.

Cotton pearl is a very popular jewelry material in Japan recently. It is made by compressing cotton into a sphere, and then applying a pearlescent coating. The light cotton pearls have a natural texture and are very special.

These lucky cat earrings are small and agile and very versatile. It can be casual and elegant, and it's all chic.

There are also the same series of Fu cat long necklaces on sale, which will be more interesting when worn together.

Color: Black / White

Material: cotton pearl + brass alloy

Cotton pearl metal earrings and long necklaces

Simple and chic, these cotton pearl metal earrings. It has both a sense of style and elegance.

There are also cotton pearl metal long necklaces in the same series, as long as they match simple basic clothing, it is very temperamental.

Material: cotton pearl + brass alloy

For specific dimensions and maintenance methods, please scan the QR code below.

Spring Flower Series

Faux Flower Drop Earrings

The shape of these earrings is like a blooming flower, lifelike, fresh and romantic.

With a sense of presence without being overly exaggerated, it is most suitable to add a bright spot to the simple shape.

Elegant silver and green flowers. Suitable for light or dark clothes.

This elegant earring is also a favorite of Xiaobian. As soon as the editor wore it and walked into the office, a colleague said, "Your earrings look far away, as if they are floating in the wind."

Pink orange flowers, pink and tender, full of young girls.

Brown and black flower models are more mature and individual.

Color: silver green / pink orange / brown black

Material: resin fiber / mesh (petal), imitation cracked gemstone, brass (metal part)

Vintage Dried Flower Stud Earrings

Return of Thousands of Gold

These two earrings, just like making amber, put dried flowers and artificial pearls in oval earrings, which are warm and retro.

Whether it's fresh blue-green or artistic yellow, it's very versatile.

Both colors can make your look chic and bright.

Color: blue-green / yellow

Material: dry flowers, artificial pearls, resin (imitation amber part), polyester fiber (lace), brass (metal part)

For specific dimensions and maintenance methods, please scan the QR code below.

Simple metal series

Vintage metal earrings

These metal disc earrings have a very natural three-dimensional bump pattern.

Seemingly simple, but each of these lines has been carefully designed and beaten to have such a delicate texture.

Simple and generous, but also exudes a very metallic texture.

Both retro and modern, very versatile, suitable for wearing all year round.

Color: Silver / Gold

Material: Brass

Geometric Pearl Metal Earrings

The naked pink resin ellipse is intertwined with the square metal elements, which is chic and has personality.


Slender earliners + delicate faux pearls add extra softness to these earrings.

Material: resin + brass + artificial pearl

Oval Pendant Metal Earrings

The combination of blue-gray resin ellipse and metal ring with rhinestones makes this earring very elegant.

Ear line style, allowing you to freely adjust the effect of wearing earrings according to different shapes.

Material: resin + brass

For specific dimensions and maintenance methods, please scan the QR code below.

Vintage wood series

Beaded wood pendant earrings, necklaces

These ball-shaped pendant earrings are composed of different shapes of accessories, either round or flat, and are patchy.

Dark brown, light brown two mature colors, simple and versatile, elegant and generous.

Pairing them with minimalist clothes is perfect.

There are also long pendant necklaces of the same series available, which can be worn with earrings, eye-catching and fashionable.

Color: Dark Brown / Light Brown

Material: resin + wood + brass

Woodgrain Color Stone Earrings

These two wood grain colored stone earrings embellish three square colored wood grain stones in the middle of two metal bars to create a branch-like shape.

The slim, long shape is not only very elegant, but also shows a small face.

Color: Brown / Blue

Material: resin + brass

For specific dimensions and maintenance methods, please scan the QR code below.

KaZa is a fashion jewelry brand from Japan. The style is fresh and retro, the styles are diverse, very fresh, and cost-effective, so that girls of different ages can find their own.

The brand has also sourced high-quality materials from all over Japan, combined with semi-hand-made craftsmanship, are bringing the most comfortable wearing experience to everyone who loves KaZa.

There is more good products in a living museum, waiting to meet you.

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Click here to wear KaZa jewelry without flying to Tokyo.

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