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Cute and sweet twin sister flowers

Public number: Wuhan Future Star Art Center Source: Time: 2020-02-21 01:56:59

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Ke Xiaobing / Ke Xiaoxue

Name: Ke Xiaobing / Ke Xiaoxue

Major: Latin

Keywords: The perfect combination of twins

They are a perfect combination formed from the mother's belly. Similar genes, like the same face, are interesting and colliding in the world of dance.

The nature of ice and snow is the same. The sister flowers that call for ice and snow are also the same. They all say that twins have spiritual rhinoceros, and ice and snow also have the rapport of God. This lively twin sister flowers always have the same smile An expression.

Sisters practice together

Who can tell exactly the identical twins? Teacher Zhou Xianwen, a Latin dance teacher of ice and snow, said that when she first met them, her sister Xiaobing took his sister Xiaoxue's hand and introduced him, who is ice and who is snow, but he can't distinguish between blind faces.

"Later, my sister Xiaoxue came to tell me secretly that the hair color of the two of them was different." Teacher Zhou found the secret to distinguish the two sisters.

Now, ice and snow have been studying Latin for 3 weeks in the future Xingdong Lakeview Garden campus. From zero to now, they will shout and beat by themselves. The two little sisters are making rapid progress.

Take a trick and take it seriously

Looking at them earnestly, as if seeing them on the stage, passionate dance dancing infected the audience.

At first it was to improve the temperament of girls, adjust the shape, exercise, and learn Latin, but after learning they felt very happy and thought dancing was a fun thing.

Sister Xiaobing's attention is more focused than that of sister Xiaoxue in class, so the sister learns faster than the sister. Every time after school, the teacher will explain to the sister and go home to urge the sister to practice.

Ice and Snow Latin Teacher Zhou Xianwen

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"I will tell my sister that you need to teach her where she doesn't understand. The teacher will check next time." Teacher Zhou said.

The sisters will make gestures together after class and practice occasionally at home, but they are not very active, and the family will not force them to practice because it is more important to enjoy dancing.

The lively and cheerful little sisters occasionally make a little confusion and occasionally play a little temper, but the obedient and obedient sisters are considerate and share food and toys.

Mr. Zhou is guiding the action

The sisters usually like to wear gauze skirts, biscuits and chocolate, play with gadgets such as building blocks, Lego, and beads, and love Dora who loves adventure.

When I criticize my sister, my sister will add jealousy and follow her, and my sister will usually criticize my sister in a stern tone.

Guess it is ice or snow

In life, they will grow up day by day. In the process of growing up, there is someone who is always with you, just like other people who practice dancing and are unable to find a partner, they have a natural tacit partner!

I hope that ice and snow can show different selves in the world of dance, bloom their own light, and cute and sweet little girls who love it?

Dear child, you have the most enviable age, and there are golden roads in front of you. I hope you will grow up quickly to get your bright future.

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