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Recollection in Qingming

Public number: Central Academy of Drama Source: Time: 2020-02-21 01:57:00

Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Paladin Doctor

Ching Ming Festival,

的日子。 The days when the Chinese worshipped their ancestors and scanned their graves .

源自何时? When did China ’s Qingming Festival originate?

在哪里? Where is the longest sacrifice in the world?

An ancient photo,

Takes you through time,

Go back to the sacrifice site a century ago.

A set of rare sacrifices,

Telling you Chinese

传统背后的深远含义。 The far-reaching meaning behind the tradition of "care for the distance" .

There were rains during the Qingming Festival.

this day,

We bow our heads and think about our loved ones.

this day,

We look up into the spring of vitality.

国家相册》 第三十一集 追思在清明  Please watch the thirty-first episode of " National Album" : Reflection in Qingming

(Recommended to watch in wifi environment)

The Qingming Festival is one of the important "eight festivals of the year" in China. It is the 108th day after the winter solstice at the turn of the middle and late spring. It is a traditional Chinese festival and one of the most important sacrifice festivals. It is a day of ancestor worship and grave sweeping. The traditional Qingming Festival of the Chinese nation started around the Zhou Dynasty and has a history of more than 2,500 years.

In this day of worshiping ancestors and remembering my loved ones, I heard the Qingming poems chanted time and time again, and the melody was full of miss.

Wu crying noisily arborizing trees, who crying in the cold Ming food.

Wind blows paper money in the wilderness, and ancient tombs are green.

Tang Pear Blossoms reflect poplar trees, it's all part of life and death.

Mingmingquan didn't cry, Xiaoxiao Muyu returned.

——Tang Baijuyi's "Han Shi Ye Wang Yin"

Clear and blue without saying a word

Indeed, in the face of life and death, and the separation of heaven and man, why not make people sad? 思谁念谁皆不在。 Love is hard to leave, and heart is hard to stay. The flowering moonlight night turns into sand between fingers, and no matter who is thinking or missing.

The cultivator recruited the love boat, and the spring grass was green.

On the Wumen County, there are new smoke in Qingming.

——Tang Zhang Ji, "Yimen is the matter"

Dongfeng is incomprehensible and blows away, taking away every trace of my devotion, but those around me are not the ones who used to be. This vast land, where is home ...

In the Qingming season, it rains,

The road was going to break the soul.

Where is the restaurant,

Shepherd Yao refers to Xinghua Village.

《清明 ——Tang Dumu's "Qingming "

At the festival, Qingming Tao Li laughs, Noda Arazuka is only worried.

The thunder and thunder stunned the world, and the rain and grass were soft.

People begged to sacrifice Yu Jiao's daughter-in-law, and Shi Gan burned to death.

Yin Yu Qian Zai knows who is full of basil.

—— Qingming by Huang Tingjian of the Northern Song Dynasty

The wind is also bleak, and the rain is also bleak. The hazy smoke and rain is blowing up the sadness and tears, and the acacia becomes soot.

What a fuss! Can bridge danger be avoided?

The distant mountain maple is light outside, and the broken house is lonely.

The spring breeze of the grass is again, and the new Qianqian is gone.

Ewha eats from the cold, only worry about the festival.

——Southern Song Yang Wanli's Cold Food Shangzuo

Saying Acacia at the bottom of the acacia tree, Silang hates Langlang. I want to mention a pen, as a sacrifice for earthly sorrow, the wind rises, the rain drips, and I want to write and get wet.

Whether it is to miss the sorrowful sorrows of the deceased, to the joy and joy of setting foot on the road, or to explore the grandeur of life and death. In short, Qingming Festival brings us the indispensable spiritual comfort and cultural heritage of the Chinese nation.

(Photo quoted from Xinhua News Agency, Weizhou)

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