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What is the experience of raising two giant VIPs at the same time?

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A few days ago, the shoveling brother shared an article about an ancient shepherd dog, and some friends raised doubts after reading it.

They think that Wang, who is most like a big baby, is not Gu Mu, but a giant VIP!

Shosh brother thought for a while, but was unable to refute

Recently, Shobo saw two giant VIPs from a Japanese netizen's house and couldn't help sighing: It's so cute! !!

Alas, these two, one black and one white, aren't they fake?

The white name is riku, 7 years old ~

The black name is qoo, this year is 5 years old, and is the younger brother of riku ~

Just having these two Wangs at home is enough to be warmed, but ... there are even warmer!

That's right, just a year ago they had a little owner.

Netizens often share photos of two big Wangs and their babies. The two dogs are just like brothers guarding their younger brothers, and the daily painting style is extremely warm and cute

Netizens said that two dogs accompanied the baby to grow up day by day and often helped him take care of the baby, and the baby also liked the two adorable dogs very much.

Especially riku, staying with the little owner every day ~

"Looking at the picture of them together, I feel particularly happy, I can't help but want to capture it"

They play together

Jim the Blighter

Reading and studying together

Wear the same clothes together

Eat and sleep together

Netizens said, don't look at them obediently, they are also very naughty.

They have to try something new at home.

It's a complete meal.

Dashing up like this

And, after all, VIPs, you know ...

In short, they are pistachios for everyone, adding a lot of joy to the home.

The shit brother thinks that having a cute and healthy baby, plus two cute and adorable big boys around, must be the happiest thing in the world!

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