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[SOFUN Chicken Soup] Live Out in Blandness (short)

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God gave everyone a glass of water, so you drank life out of it.

I went back home to visit relatives, and met a childhood partner I hadn't seen in years. They were pleasantly surprised by each other, so they met each other for a long night. Learning that she had endured a lot, I could not find the slightest trace from her cheerful smile. She lost her mother in her early years, relying on her to help her father provide three siblings to college. Later, he got married and suffered serious illness from his mother-in-law. Her husband is a rural elementary school teacher and earns little. She started out as a substitute teacher and paid less. In order to support this family, she asked the villagers for a field that they did not want to cultivate. After class, she went to do housework, and she could sell it on the market if she could not finish it. In the evening, not only must you prepare lessons, take care of your mother-in-law, but also settle two young children. I also heard that no matter how busy and tired she was, she didn't put off work because of her family. Her students are ranked first every year, and when she is free, she also takes her children to go hiking and going on outings. This year she also took the private teacher regular examination, which was the first in the county.

I asked her, would it be hard? She smiled heartily. She said that although she was bitter, she was very practical and satisfied.

Before I went home, the old people in the town always joked about how happy I was to live in the city easily. I occasionally feel complacent when I think that my life is worse than my acquaintances. However, in front of her, all the superiority vanished. I dare not discuss with her: what is life and what is happiness in the end?

I dare not tell her how many friends in the city are living in peace and prosperity. They talked about how their clothes cost hundreds or thousands of yuan, how trendy the style was, and they pointed out that their car was not a high-end car. They accused that the meal last night was not worth thousands of yuan at all. They hadn't After work, I started to meet someone to play Mahjong tonight ... They kept complaining every day, and they often felt tired. They walked down the street with indifferent pale eyes, gorgeous coats wrapped with a never-satisfied heart. Are they happy? Only they know it, but I understand that it must not be the happiness I long for.

Life is just that glass of water. You have to slowly taste it and experience it with your heart. Looking back, it turned out that the happiest life is to live a wonderful life in the plainness.

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