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Brother is not at home, beautiful bitch comes under me

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"Do you really want to take off your clothes ... Do you want to take off?" In the woods halfway up the mountain, a sexy girl with a weak voice said reluctantly.

"This is definitely not possible! Have you ever seen a doctor at a large hospital who has checked his body without taking off his clothes?" I saw a young man of twenty years old who was tough and tough, and said like a divine doctor.

It's just the twinkling light in my eyes ...

Opposite him, there was a young woman with a face of melon seeds and a waist of about twenty-seven willows.

The young woman covered her breasts with two hands and was soft and white, shy and embarrassed, "But the big hospital in the city has never been to ..."

The young man stared straight at the whiteness of the young woman's chest. The young man Su Yu said solemnly: "I tell you, Xiuer, in a big city, as long as it is a hospital, you need to take off your clothes for a physical examination."

"Furthermore, you are infertile. I have to check carefully where you gave birth to your baby, and where you breast-feeded, to determine where the root cause of the disease is, otherwise, even the theologian will not cure you. Sick! "

Xiu'er, named Zhang Xiu'er, is a young daughter-in-law of Xiaoxi Village.

Because she can't give birth, so in these three or four months, after finishing the work in the field, I have to entangle Su Yu, so that Su Yu, the only descendant of the most famous divine doctor in Shili and Baxiang, will treat her with this egg. Sick child.

The people in the village value the incense most, but whoever married his daughter-in-law for a few years at home would have to let the mother-in-law who squats in the corner every day, right and wrong, pierce the backbone!

However, she couldn't say such a thing, so she had to hide from her house and ran to the mountain behind the village to come to Su Yu for medical treatment.

Looking at Su Yu as a professional doctor, think about the pain of being ridiculed by her mother-in-law every day at home.

Zhang Xiuer's heart broke, and he bit his teeth and slowly unbuttoned his coat.

Don't say it, this young woman is a young woman. Those two balls are white! And full of flexibility!

As soon as I unbuttoned it, I couldn't wait to jump out, flickering in front of Su Yu's eyes!

Su Yu, a twenty-year-old or a virgin guy, was wavy in his heart, and almost couldn't control it.

But anyway, are we in the guise of a divine doctor?

At least you have to do enough!

Therefore, holding on to the impulse of the heart, Yu is still pretending to be serious. Without saying a word or saying nothing, he looked at Zhang Xiu'er so quietly, taking off his clothes little by little.

Looking at Su Yu's doctor's genderless appearance, Zhang Xiu'er took a deep breath and felt relieved. Tangled, slowly untied the belt around the waist. Little by little, take down the loose trousers, and only reveal a light red, tulle panties.

"I drop a mother-in-law! I did not expect that Xiu'er, a villager, is quite fashionable. She actually put on such a pair of transparent underpants! Unfortunately, her man is a three-second product, and he surrenders without entering the hole. Master. "

Those black hairs faintly reveal a trace of primitive seductiveness, so Su Yu's body suddenly had a primitive reaction, and it hardened in an instant.

"Grandma, I'm finally going to say goodbye to the virgin!" With excitement and excitement, Su Yu quickly stretched her hand to Xiu'er's pair of huge snow-whites, rubbing unscrupulously.

"Well ... that ... is this being checked ...?"

Although his man has always been a three-second item, but Xiu'er is here, after all, men and women know about it. Feeling Su Yu's kneading that made her whole body tremble and heat, Xiu'er asked softly.

At the same time, her valley, which has been thirsty for a long time, turned out a clear spring in this kneading, and instantly became muddy.

"Of course, this is an inspection. I have to make sure that there is something wrong with your ball, Xier, you ca n’t keep your child." Su Yu said in a serious manner, huddling.

With Su Yu's kneading, the kind of refreshment like electricity passed through Xiu'er's body instantly, making her whole body weak and weak, and even her eyes were a little confused.

It is said that Jiuhan meets Ganlin, and the valley where she has been thirsty for too long has more than one dew, which is muddy and unbearable.

Although I don't have any good feelings for that husband who is a three-second product, as a normal woman, I still yearn for it.

But the three-second cargo surrendered without entering the hole every time, and could not give him any satisfaction at all, which made her suffer a lot.

Feeling the original joy and longing coming from that body, she simply stopped covering her tulle panties, her eyes closed, and she looked like a pick.

Seeing Xiu'er not covering her underwear, Su Yu became more interested.

While rubbing the pair of white balls, he said solemnly: "I still need to check the place where you gave birth to the baby and see where the problem lies."

This is obviously an excuse, and Xiu'er is also very clear, but the extreme desire of her heart and body at this moment makes her reluctant to think about these things.

Just following the most primitive feeling of the body, she slowly dropped the tulle and slowly spread her legs.

The scenery that I haven't seen in my life appears so brightly in front of me. The pink color attracts Su Yu, locks his eyes on it, looks carefully, and stretches his fingers excitedly, fiddles gently With ...

"Check out ... what's the problem ...?" Then gently flicking Xiu'er and he couldn't help it, apparently out of control.

But women are women, after all, this shy thing has to make an excuse.

"Well ... something. But a closer inspection is needed."

While admiring the wonderful scenery that he had seen for the first time in his life, Su Yu stretched out his finger again and provoked the mud back and forth.


Can't help but whisper, Xiu'er couldn't help it anymore. With his hands clenched on his cheeks, the cat whispered, "If you want ... come on ..."

The trumpet finally worked, and Su Yu was immediately excited, and the monkey rushed up. Both hands squeezed the soft mass, and Xiu'er was breathing quickly, his hands stretched anxiously towards Su Yu's belt, and quickly untied it.

However, at this moment, a voice that made Su Yu swear at her mother suddenly sounded.

"Su Banxian! Where are you?"

"Su Xiucai, the village chief is looking for you urgently! Are you in Shitouzhai?"

Listening to the voice less than a hundred meters away, Xiu'er was shocked in his heart, and quickly pushed Su Yu away, grabbed the clothes on the ground, and blushed and went deep into the woods on the hillside.

After all, a woman is having a relationship with someone on the hillside. If this is passed on, she will basically not have to live.

The meat at the mouth was not eaten, which made Su Yu extremely depressed. Watching Xiu Xiuer holding her clothes and running into the woods, Su Yu angrily hammered the grass and picked up a stone and threw it at her. Those few sheep.

"Eat eat, just fuck know it!"

"You do n’t eat to death! I have raised you for more than a year, and I do n’t know how to give Lao Zi a few lambs, so that I can sell them for you! No more, your mother-in-law is like a bitch of Zhaoshao, and she goes to the mountain Lao Tzu invited a few young sheep to come out! This damn thing made La Tzu eat and drink! "

The big sheep in the head hit the stone, and the few beasts were shocked. They hurried to the foot of the mountain and disappeared.

"Oh, Su Daxiucai, and scolding the lamb here again? I said what do you do with it, a few lambs and an ewe, expecting a group of eunuchs and a maid to have a baby, aren't you dreaming?"

At this point, the culprit who destroyed Su Yu's good deeds finally appeared. I saw a young village woman laughing and talking, squatting beside Su Yu.

"Osmanthus Osmanthus, what are you looking for?" With a grass stem in his mouth, Su Yu squinted at the village woman's chest and said a surprisingly large meat ball.

"Sister-in-law? Hit you a hammer! The old lady is only twenty-eight, not much more than you!"

Watching Su Yu's greedy eyes wandering unbridled in his chest, Osmanthus fragrans had long been used to it, and said Su Yu with a white look.

"What about twenty-eight years old ... or, your pair of balls made me touch, I won't call you a bitch, look what you like?" Su Yu said sarcastically.

"Little bastard! Watch out for the old lady to pinch you with this pair of balls!" Osmanthus Osmanthus laughed.

"Then you come, I will taste the taste by the way!" Looking at the big soft ball, Su Yu said with his hands in claws.

"Okay, let my sister feed you some milk!" Gui Huaxi grabbed the pair of meat balls with both hands, and walked towards Su Yu with a smile.

She likes to be Su Yu's sister, but Su Yu has always called her a bitch.

After all, his man, Zhang Honest, is in his forties, two years older than Su Yu's father who has never met.

This Osmanthus fragrans, called Li Guihua, is a famous flower in the village.

It is said that many men have one leg, but it is only said that at least till now, Su Yu hasn't got that leg yet.

But to be honest, Su Yu was really not interested in having a leg with her, and it was enough for him to vomit for two days just looking at the big pie-faced bucket waist. Not to mention, there is a bitch with a big fingernail on the face!

Looking at the woman's wolf-like expression, Su Yu didn't want to have anything to do with her. She stepped back a few steps and shifted the topic and said, "Hurry up and tell me what's wrong with the village chief?"

"Hahaha, Hina is Hina!" Li Guihua said with a smile, looking at Su Yu, who was dodging.

But in my heart, I was very coveted by Su Yu's strong physique and that handsome face: "Boy, sooner or later the old lady will put you under your pants! After you have tasted the old lady's skills, you will absolutely love the old lady!"

However, Li Guihua still said the right thing: "I heard that Teacher Zhou in the village head primary school has fainted. I don't know, the doctor of the health center has no choice. The village chief asked me to come to you."

"Mr. Zhou? The one in our village who came to support the education, the long special water spirit?" Su Yu asked curiously.

Teacher Zhou, although she doesn't know Su Yu, she knows her.

This is a kind-hearted girl.

I came to this mountain alone to teach, teach English to children, art and music.

I often take my meager salary, buy stationery and school bags for the children in the village, and even occasionally bring them back to the city to order pastries and snacks.

Of course, the most interesting thing for Su Yu is that this girl is just like walking down from the pictorial.

The cocky buttocks and towering breasts are really hot. Nothing like this bingbing and bingbing can compare with it!


"Yeah, that's the baby girl." Li Guihua said with a bit of jealousy when she saw Su Yu's eyes brightened when she heard Teacher Zhou.

"His grandmother, the village elder still remembers that Lao Tzu will see a doctor! What I want is that those who can make money can be cured by the doctor of the health clinic, and I know I will throw some incurable diseases on Lao Tzu!" Holding the grass stem, Su Yu said uncomfortably as she turned down the mountain.

"Hey, because you are a sacred doctor! Ordinary illness is a chicken knife for killing chickens!" Quickly followed Su Yu, Li Guihua laughed and did not forget to touch Su Yu's strong butt.

Detecting the ugly woman's irregular movements, Su Yu jumped up all over her skin, strode forward, and ran towards the village below the mountain.

"Hahaha! Su Xiucai, what are you running for?" Watching Su Yusou ran away, Li Guihua giggled and smiled.

"Boy, my mother will sleep you sooner or later!"

Running all the way, Su Yu scolded unpleasantly: "Grandma, Lao Tzu managed to train the old man to the fourth level, and finally he can get rid of his virginity. This old lady has been yellowed!"

"I will have her ancestors!"

As he said, Su Yu shook his head and murmured, "No, no. The eight ancestors of her family are estimated to be as ugly as her, so disgusting and unable to live. However, the old ladies' girls seem to be quite alive ..."

"No more, her mother is so ugly, I still forget it! If I think of Li Guihua's face when I am doing things, then I will not scare him directly! Forget it, I still leave the village as soon as possible and go to the city Girl! "

After watching those people in the village returning to work, all of them were five people and six people, which made Su Yu really uncomfortable.

I really look forward to stepping out of this mountain village and seeing the outside world.

In his words, it is to go to the outside world and sleep in the city.

But before, when his grandfather died, he specifically told him two things, saying that if he did not comply, the old man would definitely come back to him.

Su Yu had no father and no mother since he was a child, and he was brought up by his grandfather. Although he is a little overlord in this village, Su Yu is still very obedient to the last words of his loved ones.

Besides, there is no ghost in this world, no one knows, he is really afraid that the old guy will come to him at midnight.

The first of these two things is that when the Kung Fu has not been trained to the fourth level, you must not touch the woman, otherwise the previous work of Kung Fu will be abandoned.

The second is that after the old man's death, he must keep quiet for three years for the old man and cannot leave the village. Three years later he casually went mad.

"Yo, Su Xiucai, you are a cricket, and cricket ran down the mountain again? Have you been ridiculed by Li Guihua again? Hahaha!" At the end of the village, a few old men sitting in the sun watching as they ran downhill Su Yu and Li Guihua far behind him laughed.

Although his grandfather was not very wealthy, he insisted on supporting him to graduate from high school in the county seat.

So he is the only high school student in the whole village, and everyone is called Su Xiucai.

"Go and go, a few old things are not good in the sun, you know nonsense! Be careful, I will not show you the feng shui of the graveyard!" Laughed and scolded a few old men who looked at themselves as they grew up.

Crossing a golden wheat field, Su Yu slowed down and leisurely walked down the newly-built concrete road towards the village primary school.

The poor villages of poor counties like Xiaoxi Village are in the backcountry. The villagers have no other way to make money except to eat by the sky.

Coupled with the fact that there are many hills and few mountains in this village, even if the village cadres do not embezzle, there is not much money left in this village. According to common sense, it is completely unrealistic to build such a road.

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Therefore, in the village, Su Yu's heart admired the person, the village head Zhao Erhei.

On weekdays, he takes great care of the orphans and the sick in the village, and from time to time, he takes out his own food and sends them to these people.

And for Su Yu, a child who has no father or mother since he was a child, he has always loved and cared for him. Even if Su Yu is like a bully, he also called Su Yu to eat at home and improve his food.

This cement road, which is rarely seen in Shili and Baxiang, was originally a dirt road with pits everywhere. When it rains every year, it is all mud. The elderly and children accidentally fall into the pit to get a mud.

Although he hadn't fallen, Zhao Erhei really couldn't stand it anymore, he just vacated the village's financial expenditure, and then went to the county to lay in the county magistrate's office for half a month. This was just to get the money from the magistrate. , A good way for the village!

The village road winds like a white dragon lying across the green rice fields, connecting one production team after another to the primary school in the village.

Looking at this concrete road that brought great benefits to the villagers, Su Yu couldn't help but sigh: "Uncle Erhei is really a personal thing, and I have spent more money on repairing this road. Old things can actually be obtained from the magistrate Come money! "

At this time, the village chief Zhao Erhei also looked a little anxiously toward this side.

After seeing the figure of Su Yu, Zhao Erhei stepped forward and said, "Oh, Su Yu, finally found you! Hurry up and follow me to show Teacher Zhou, the doctors in this village health center have nothing to do. "

"She is the only college student teacher sent to our village by the county. There must be nothing. Otherwise, neither I nor the Education Bureau can tell."

Looking at the village chief's urgent face, Su Yu said uncomfortably, "I say you are an old thing, it is really an influence!"

"His mother, when my old man was about to smoke, your name was Ma Li, and I immediately closed my clinic, and started to promote the health clinics sent by the county, so that Lao Tzu even had a chance to eat and drink. No more, only sheep. "

"Now it's all right, it's your black hat, is your old thing thinking of me?"

Suddenly Su Yu said so, the village chief's face was also a bit unstoppable.

But he asked for help, and he said with a smile on his face: "At that time, I couldn't do anything about it. Lao Su's head surgery was God, but he also showed Feng Shui to break the yin and Yang. .Coincidentally, in the province, feudal superstitions were being rectified ... "

Looking at the face of the village chief who was afraid to express his anger, Su Yu rejoiced for a while, and said, "Isn't your old thing very cowish? Isn't it asking Lao Tzu to do things?"

However, Su Yu continued to say, "It is okay to cure the disease, but now I do n’t have a way to make money. I always see Feng Shui for free for the villagers. I ’m almost starving to death! This time I eat well. Order some meat! "

Zhao Yuhei, Su Yu ’s character that killed and did not suffer, knows better than anyone, and said with a smile on his face: "No problem, no problem! What a hell! As long as you cure Mr. Zhou, your uncle will go to you Buy meat, you can eat enough! "

"Well, this is pretty much the same! However, meat alone is not enough, I still need wine! Well, pack some cigarettes again!" Su Yu continued.

"No problem with wine and meat! These are trivial things! However, I remember that your boy didn't smoke, what do you want to do?" Zhao Erhei, the village chief, seemed to guess something and said with a smile.

Seeing him asking questions, Su Yu walked towards the elementary school with some uncomfortableness.

"Well! Why do you want to smoke? I don't smoke, can't my old ghost in the grave be stuck in the grave? There's so much shit!"

The Xiaoxi Village Health Center was set up one month before Su Yu's grandfather Su Zhengnan died. Until now, it has only been two years in total.

But these folks are now accustomed to going to the health clinic, especially the old ladies and young daughters-in-law.

Because it is said that when Su Yu's grandfather opened the clinic, when he saw the old women in the village and his daughter-in-law, no matter what the illness was, he could give a reason that could not be refuted and tricked people to take off their clothes.

Some people also said that the old man, relying on the magic of medicine, did not know how many little daughter-in-laws had been lied to take off his clothes and put them to sleep by showing the doctor.

Of course, these are just rumors. Even if it is true, few young daughters dare to speak out.

However, there are some daring, there was a little daughter-in-law who was only 20 years old a few years ago, and said that the old man Su took the opportunity to sleep with her.

But in the end, her man came to the old man's theory and was beaten into a pig's head by the old man's slap, even the bones were broken!

Later, the old man Su was also kind, and he connected the bones of others, but he did not admit that he had slept with his daughter-in-law, and he directly convinced the man with overbearing truth!

Of course, this is the old thing of the old man Su, others may not believe it, but Su Yu believes it.

After all, he was brought up by his grandpa from an early age, and it was definitely him who knew the oldest man Su.

After two years of development, the village health clinic is now very large and popular.

After all, the woman doctor there was reassuring when she was treating her old daughter-in-law. Moreover, Zhao Wen, the female doctor from the city, was very watery and her breasts were very large, so the big masters in the village also went to see the doctor there.

At this moment, in a dilapidated small house in Village Head Elementary School, a tall and sexy female doctor Zhao Wen, wearing a white coat, was holding a stethoscope, checking back and forth in that village's treasure.

The body of the teaching teacher Zhou Ying, who was directly assigned by the county education bureau, seemed unwilling, so she must check out the reason.

But after checking for a long time, she was sweating profusely and didn't know where the cause was.

Because today happens to be the weekend, the students in this shabby elementary school have already gone home to help their parents farm, so the entire school is empty and there is almost no one.

Su Yu, who was walking in front of the village chief, directly pushed open the windy door of the office and dormitory, and saw that Zhao Wen was helpless there.

"Sister Zhao, don't be too busy, you can't see the disease, let me come!" As soon as he entered the door, Su Yu said to Zhao Wen.

"Cut! Your kid can't even be a doctor, there are many children to play with! Don't stop me from treating the patient here!" As Su Yu said, Zhao Wen naturally couldn't hold his face.

Regarding Zhao Wen's contempt, Su Yu didn't take it seriously, walking towards Zhou Ying lying in bed with a smile.


"Sister Zhao, I guess you haven't figured out the cause yet, right? Human life is important, don't do it at this time. If you can cure it, the village chief will not come to me!"

"Cut! Aren't you just a little god stick! It's as if you know her cause!" Su Yu turned her back on her medical skills, and Zhao Wen stood up to the big breasts in disapproval.

"Then if I really know her cause and can cure her, sister Zhao, can you let me touch your pair of balls?" Staring directly at Zhao Wen's chest like a Su Yuxie said with a smile on a small breast.

"Huh! You little bastard! If you can cure her, I don't mind pinching you with this pair of balls!" Zhao Yu looked red and cheeky as Su Yu looked a little flushed.

"Hey, it's also possible! It should be very comfortable to sandwich the ball with your face!"


Talking, Zhao Wen, who was speechless, ignored her. Su Yu sat on the edge of the bed with her buttocks, stretched out her hand and put it on Zhou Ying's wrist, and began to take her pulse.

Looking at Zhou Ying's beautiful and quiet face, Su Yu smiled, and said, "This baby is so beautiful, she is so beautiful even when she sleeps! If you can kiss, it will be very cool!"

"Ah, but such a beautiful girl in the city has such a good temperament. A small farmer like us, Toad wants to eat swan meat, has no chance ..."

After a while, Su Yu stood up slowly and said to Zhao Wen with a smile on her face, "Sister Zhao, it seems that you have to accompany me tonight. Rest assured, I will take a bath!"

This naked play made Zhao Wenxun able to bear it. She was about to get angry immediately, but the village chief pushed in and she had to suppress the anger.

"How about, Teacher Zhou is not seriously ill?" Zhao Erhei asked anxiously.

"It's not heavy, but doctors can't cure it because she's evil." Su Yu said lightly.

Of course, another reason Teacher Zhou Ying fainted was because she had severe dysmenorrhea, and Su Yu didn't say anything.

"What? It ’s evil? It ’s possible, our Xiaoxi Village is beautiful!" The old village chief was very surprised.

"Oh, to the east of our village, but there is a large cemetery. Whether or not, Teacher Zhou will wake up and know."

With a slight smile, Su Yu directly took a set of silver needles left by the old man from her arms, and unceremoniously disinfected with the alcohol in Zhao Wen's medical box, pierced calmly towards several points on Zhou Ying's body.

At the same time, he whispered some words that others did not understand.

Looking at Su Yu's move, the village chief was looking forward to it, while Doctor Zhao Wen from the city was a bit scornful.

"Huh ... pretend to be a ghost!"

But what happened next was to make Zhao Wen dumb.

Immediately after Su Yu's stitches were finished, Zhou Yingzheng sat up and patted her chest and said, "Scared me, scared me!"

"Mr. Zhou, you finally woke up, but you are worried about your uncle! Fortunately, nothing happened, or how can you explain it!" The village chief said excitedly and fearfully.

"Well, Teacher Zhou, do you know how you fainted?" Zhao Wen asked a little unwillingly, looking at Zhou Ying who was waking up.

Zhou Ying said with some shock: "It's scary! In the morning, I was idle and went for a walk to the east of the village. When I passed a cemetery, suddenly there were a few blue lights flashing in that cemetery, scary!"

In fact, Zhou Ying saw the ghost fire, and then hurried to school, but in the middle of the road, it was probably that excessive exercise caused her dysmenorrhea, and she was too frightened. She fainted in the school yard.

Fortunately, the villagers who passed by saw it, and found the village chief and doctor, and then carried her into the dormitory.

Ghost fire is actually something that is often seen in graveyards. It is a phenomenon in which the phosphorous in the bones spontaneously ignites. Su Yu learned it in the high school chemistry class.

But the average Zhuanghu family, who knows these chemistry principles, so they all attribute this natural phenomenon to evil things like ghosts and gods.

Even Su Yu could not explain to them, so he simply laughed and said nothing.

Consoling Zhou Ying for a while, Su Yu slowly got up, smiling and preparing to go outside like a door, but was called back by Zhou Ying.

"That ... thank you ... my illness, is it all right?" Zhou Ying asked with a smile, but still uncertain.

"Eh? There's a play!" There was a little excitement in her heart, Su Yu's eyes rolled slowly, turning slowly, not forgetting to smell the body fragrance of Zhou Ying, and she said solemnly on the back: "Wake up temporarily That's it. But if there is no follow-up treatment, there may be some complications, sequelae and the like ... "

"Ah ?! Sequelae ...? What would it be?" Zhou Ying asked in panic.

"Well ... it's not too serious, it may worsen dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation, and then there may be infertility, incontinence and the like."

Su Yu's voice was not loud, and the original village chief and Doctor Zhao Wen were also chatting there, so only Zhou Ying heard these words clearly, and the other two did not hear them clearly.

"Ah? No ..." Zhou Ying was startled, but she had incontinence, menstrual irregularities, and dysmenorrhea. It was too secretive and shy for girls, so she had to whisper: "So ... what should I do? ... do you have a solution? "

"Well ... there are ways, but it depends on whether Teacher Zhou is willing to cooperate." Su Yuyun said lightly.

Zhou Yin immediately said anxiously, "Cooperate! Cooperate! No matter how much money you pay, you have to help me cure this disease!"

Fighting against the smirk, Su Yu pretended to be profound.

The appearance of an old divine doctor is exactly the same as that of his grandfather Su, and said lightly: "It is not a matter of money. I need to check your body and determine the severity of the disease before determining the treatment plan and the dosage."

"Checking the body ... how to check ...?" Zhou Ying asked with a little doubt as she was not sure.

"Well, it's a full inspection."

Hearing Su Yu's words, the village chief with a strange smile on his face said to Zhao Wen: "Dr. Zhao, let's go out first."

Zhao Wen also heard Su Yu's words. Although she did not believe in such a mysterious thing as Zhong Xie, she did not understand it, so she had nothing to say at this moment.

I can only despise Su Yu, then put away the medicine box and walked away slowly.

Just as she was about to go out, Su Yu suddenly said leisurely: "Sister Zhao, you seem to have dysmenorrhea, menstrual disorders and breast hyperplasia, and there is a danger of turning into breast cancer. Would you like me to prescribe some Chinese medicines? , To ensure that the medicine is cured! "

"Go! You have dysmenorrhea and irregular menstruation! Your whole family has hyperplasia of breasts!" Su Yudao suddenly broke his own secret, Zhao Wen suddenly angered.

But only she knew that none of what Su Yu said was actually false. But for the woman's face, she still had to roar without divisions, and then slammed the door shut.

Indifferently shrugged, Su Yu turned around with a smile, looked at Zhou Ying, and said lightly, "Mr. Zhou, let me do a comprehensive check for you now."

"That ... where to check ... what should I do ..." Looking at the door that was covered with sheets, although it was ragged and airy, Zhou Ying asked a little bit hesitantly.

"Check where you are, and don't go across your clothes. Irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea ... you know." Su Yu said as lightly as possible while maintaining the temperament of the divine doctor.

"Ah? Do you really want to check there ... Can't you get off the line ...?" After all, I'm still a big yellow girl, and suddenly a man will see her most secret place, the place where most women do their best to guard Zhou Ying was immediately shy.

"This, if you can't take it off, it's OK. But I may not be able to help you treat it, after all, the root cause cannot be found, and the symptom is not the root cause."

As a woman, Zhou Ying has deeply realized how terrible severe dysmenorrhea really is, and it really hurts people's lives!

If according to Su Yu, without treatment, it will be more serious, and she really cannot imagine how painful it really is.

Moreover, she is a child-loving person and will definitely get married in the future. She also wants a child of her own. If she is infertile, it will be very uncomfortable.

The most important thing is that in this sequelae, there is actually incontinence, which makes Zhou Ying, a young and beautiful girl, able to bear it!

In addition, she is also a very simple girl. She would never think of Su Yu's careful thoughts and small tricks. Therefore, after a long struggle, Zhou Ying finally decided ...

Clenching her teeth, Zhou Ying blushed, buried her head deeply in her chest, slowly unbuttoned the jeans, and then slowly pulled the zipper down ...

What passion story will happen to Zhou Ying and Su Yu? ?

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