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Is there any radiation in "shooting"?

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Seeing a doctor at the hospital will inevitably lead to various tests. Many people are not clear about the various types of "filming", which tests are suitable for which diseases? Will there be radiation during the "shoot"? How many inspections can be done in a year? Yin Bo, a radiologist at Huashan Hospital, tells you whether you need to look at any "film" for radiation. You don't have to worry about harming your body during normal examinations.

What kinds of film do we usually do for inspection?

The "photographs" usually performed in hospitals include B-ultrasound, X-ray, CT, and magnetic resonance.

For which diseases are these tests more accurate?

No one check is better than the other, and the various checks complement each other.

Generally speaking, for special organs such as the thyroid gland, breast, gallbladder, stones, uterus, and ovary, ultrasound is easier to detect and can be observed dynamically. Therefore, ultrasound is preferred for examination of these parts.

Magnetic resonance examination for the nervous system (brain, spinal cord), abdomen (hepatobiliary pancreas and spleen), joints of the extremities (meniscus, ligaments, muscle lesions, minor fractures, bone tumors), spine (intervertebral disc), breast, gynecological tumors, head and neck soft tissue Equal sensitivity and specificity are high.

Because of the lack of water (hydrogen protons) in the lungs, magnetic resonance examination is not effective, so it is recommended to choose CT. X-ray is suitable for examination of bones and other parts, and can also perform gastrointestinal angiography (barium meal).

Is there radiation in these tests?

Magnetic resonance and B-mode ultrasound do not have ionizing radiation. These two tests can be repeated without harm to the human body. Many hospitals at home and abroad have carried out magnetic resonance examinations of fetal malformations. It is said that many mothers have done this examination.

X-ray machines and CT machines are not irradiated when they are not inspected. Conventional diagnostic X-ray examinations (including X-ray and CT) use small doses, which are limited to safe doses, and the risk of carcinogenesis is even slim. With the advancement of technology, most hospitals now use digital imaging. Compared with previous X-ray and CT examinations, the amount of radiation is greatly reduced, so there is no need to worry and reject the examination.

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Now that the magnetic resonance examination is highly accurate, can you give me a whole body examination?

Magnetic resonance cannot do the whole body, it can only do it one organ at a time.

In the magnetic resonance examination of each part, different equipment must be used --- the coil, this coil is similar to the lamp at home, there are chandeliers, table lamps, floor lamps, etc., different lights in different situations, not just one Can solve all problems.

What medical history is inappropriate for these tests?

For X-ray and CT examinations, pregnant women and women who are about to become pregnant should do as little as possible. Children's examinations need to be strictly protected against critical parts.

Generally speaking, the magnetic field of magnetic resonance will cause thermal effects, displacement, distortion and interference with images of metal products. The doctor who performs the stent or implant surgery, understands the material of the stent or implant, and then chooses whether or not it can be examined.

In addition, young children cry easily and cannot be imaged. They often need sedatives. It is best to choose a special pediatric hospital for magnetic resonance examination.

Source: Shanghai Pharmaceutical News (ID: shwjwyzc)

Author: Huashan Hospital Radiology Yin Bo

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