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Antarctic and Arctic, where is the "East Pole of the World"?

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Deadly game

You heard about the Antarctic and the North Pole,

”。 But you certainly don't know " East Pole ".

It's on the border of Asia and Europe,

Natural home for tens of thousands of brown bears.

In "East Pole",

You can move around in the Western and Eastern Hemispheres at will.

”,俄罗斯远东地区, " East Pole of the World ", Russian Far East,

According to Russian media reports,

In September 2017 ,

! Russian Far East is about to launch a free e-sign !

Foreign citizens can apply for visas as long as they visit the special website of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and fill in the form. The review period is 4 days .

Applicants can follow the review process online according to the form number. If the review is passed, the entry visa will be filled directly at the Russian border when the applicant enters.

有效,外国公民最多可在俄境内逗留8天The electronic visa is valid for 30 days from the date of issue, and foreign citizens can stay in Russia for up to 8 days .

Applying for an electronic visa is an unprecedented innovation for Russia. It does not charge consular fees and is completely free .

Free e-signature in 5 Far East regions :

Chukotka Autonomous Region, Survey of the Krai,

Khabarovsk Krai, Sakhalin Oblast, Primorsky Krai

Let the little donkey take you to uncover it,

The mysterious veil of the Russian Far East!

Chukchi Autonomous Region

The Chukchi Autonomous Region, located in the northeast corner of the Asian continent, is the most northeastern tip of the world.

Friends who have seen the fantasy drifting of the youth school can cross the Bering Strait and experience a realistic version of the fantasy journey by themselves.

Port of Egwekinot, a secret city in Russia's Siberian tundra, is also adjacent to Alaska, USA. The city is sparsely populated, revealing a decadent beauty.

But through this gate, you lead to the Arctic Circle. Adds a touch of mystery to the decadence of the city.

Venison is a specialty of the Chukchi Autonomous Region. When it comes to venison, it is necessary to talk about this "vigorous" nation-Chukchi.

The Chukchi people have never been conquered by Russia. They are warm and generous.

As the ship sails all the way, lovely sea animals appear in front of you.

 Free flight puffin

 Dancing whale

 Lazy walrus

 Polar bear carrying baby

Cape Dezhinov, "End of the East". North latitude 66 ° 05 ′ and west longitude 169 ° 40 ′. It is the easternmost point of Asia and even the entire Eurasia! It faces Bering Strait across the Prince of Wales Cape.

Wrangel Island is also known as "the delivery room for polar bears" because polar bears give birth to a large number of cubs here.

Due to the severe natural environment, there are no permanent residents on the island.

There is a 180-degree meridian monument on the island! Standing on the 180-degree meridian, you can easily have the ability to instantly move from the western hemisphere to the eastern hemisphere, with both feet in the east and west hemispheres. This is a wonderful feeling

Kamchatka Krai

Kamchatka Krai, the outermost and most isolated region of the Far East, has unique development potential for natural resources.

Mobile chess chess

"Survey Canada has directions and no roads!" Distant, mysterious, cold, desolate, unpredictable, known as "the land of ice and fire".

There are nearly 300 volcanoes here, a paradise for travellers who love outdoor sports.

If you don't want to hike the active volcano, you will like to take a helicopter, sit in the helicopter to watch the volcano, and see the mountains. Believe me, this is more exciting and fun than bungee jumping.

The primitive society lived on hunting, and now hunting has become a wild leisure activity.

You can also experience the fun of chasing deer and shooting rabbits during the Trekking Volcano. The guys will like such a pure man activity.

After the volcano trekking, you can return to Qiandao Lake with full load. In Qiandao Lake, both fish and bear are available.

Qiandao Lake is actually a large crater. One of Russia's most unique scenic spots, was included in the United Nations World Natural Heritage List in 1996. Every year, thousands of tourists are attracted by helicopters.

Qiandao Lake is the world-famous spawning ground of red trout (red salmon).

The brown bear surrounded by red trout can only be full of joy!

You can observe the brown bears up close, and you can see the magnificent scenery of Red Bottle swimming back. You can even soak in a polar hot spring on the ice and fire.

You can also try delicious Kamchatka caviar.

Khabarovsk Krai

It has been said that standing on this land is inexplicably sad. Khabarovsk Territory, once the territory of the Qing Empire, was seized by Tsarist Russia in 1860.

Khabarovsk Krai is separated from Heilongjiang by an Amur river. If you take a speedboat, you can reach across the river in about an hour.

Solemn and atmospheric churches can be seen everywhere, just like beautiful scenery. In the air of the city, there is a quiet, relaxed atmosphere.

When it comes to crafts, matryoshka is a symbol of Russia. Seemingly simple Russian matryoshka, the production process is extremely complicated.


Sakhalin includes Sakhalin and Thousand Islands, and the island has a large number of hot springs and more than 1,000 historical and cultural sites.

Primorsky Krai

The Primorsky Krai is located in the most southeast of Russia, borders the Sea of Japan in the southeast, borders the Khabarovsk Krai in the north, and borders China and North Korea in the west. It is Russia's bridgehead to countries in the Asia Pacific region.

Vladivostok, one of the largest cities in the Far East. Most of the city buildings are unified buildings of the Soviet era, built on the hill, much like Naples in Italy.

Russian Island Bridge-the longest cable-stayed bridge in the world.

Explore the East Pole of the world,

There must always be a body and soul on the road!

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