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Let us fly our dreams, Xiaolan Tuwei Garden's first kite art festival

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4.15 Kite Art Festival

The spring is warm and the breeze is gentle. It is a good time to fly a kite. Kite has a special meaning in traditional Chinese culture. It is a messenger of dreams and a symbol of hope. People like to fly kites to express their longing and longing for a better life.

小榄荼薇园首届风筝艺术节,来小榄荼薇园DIY风筝+放飞风筝+户外野炊 On April 15th, Xiaolan Tuwei Garden's first kite art festival, come to Xiaolan Tuwei Garden to DIY kite + fly kite + outdoor picnic . Enjoy the fun of flying kites and family picnics, let the kite fly with our dreams!

In the Song Dynasty's "Continuing Museum of Natural History," wrote: "Playing the warbler in spring, leading upwards, it makes people look up and let out the internal heat." In the past long winter season, people rarely lived indoors, and the internal heat accumulated. Depression, it needs a lot of daylight and fresh air to bathe and cleanse, so as to promote blood circulation throughout the body and strengthen the breathing capacity of the lungs.

When the kite ascended to the high altitude, people looked far away and attracted the sky. In the Qing Dynasty's "Tibet of Beijing Capital", "Kids can fly their kites with the best eyesight." Move the joints around the body, so as to clear the "internal heat", pass menstruation and blood, strengthen the body.

4.15 Tuwei Garden Kite Festival

Activity 1: "Zheng" Qi Douyan

During the kite festival, children are encouraged to cooperate with parents and their children to distribute kites so that children can use their imagination to spray ink and oil paint on the kites for kite painting. Draw your colorful dreams on the kite.

Activity 2: Flying Dreams

After my own carefully DIY kite, flying in the open space under the guidance of parents or staff, it means that the dream is pinned on the kite, flying the kite, flying the dream ~

Activity 3: Parent-child picnic

In the embrace of nature, make delicious lunches by yourself, let parents show their cooking skills, allow children to actively participate, and help parents share the housework within their ability.

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Activity 4: Freedom to visit the park

After the picnic, you can freely visit the Xiaolan Tuwei Garden, such as the Green Carving Display, Yuxi Garden, Sanji Fish Pond, Four Seasons Flower Sea, Heart-shaped Lovers' Road and other scenery, to spend a relaxing and small weekend.

报名参与。 The Xiaolan Tuwei Garden Kite Art Festival welcomes visitors to participate in the form of individual visitors or groups . Activity expenditure 50 yuan / person , Including Tuwei Garden tickets, kite materials fee, meal included (the above quotation does not include invoices). 让我们相约小榄荼薇园,一起彩绘属于自己的风筝,让我们一起放飞梦想,放飞希望! On April 15th, let's meet at Xiaolan Tuwei Garden and paint our own kite together. Let us fly our dreams and let us fly together!

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