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Horror broadcast

"There is a bird in the world that has no feet. It can only fly for a lifetime, and sleep in the wind when it is tired. This bird will land once in a lifetime, when death is coming.

-"The True Story of A Fei"

Though he is a man

But was rated as one of the top four in Hong Kong

He is gorgeous

But eager for art

Fading away the shining starlight

He also has tired and lonely moments

Is it a legend? Is it a symbol?

He witnessed an era

In April, I remember "brother". Although Leslie Cheung has fourteenth anniversary of his death, in the hearts of people, he has never gone.

Leslie Cheung was known as the "brother". He was born in Hong Kong on September 12, 1956, officially debuted in 1977, and became famous in the music scene with "The Wind Continues to Blow" in 1983. "Monica", which was sung in 1984, was the first dance song in Hong Kong to win the Top Ten Chinese Golden Songs and Top Ten Great Golden Songs. In 1986 and 1987, Leslie Cheung won the Gold Song Gold Award, and in 1988 and 1989 won the Gold Song Most Popular Male Star Award. In 1999, he was awarded the Hong Kong Music Circle's highest honorary prize pin award. In 2010, he was selected by the US CNN as "the world's 20 most famous singers or bands in the past 50 years."

,他创造了《我》这样的歌曲,他能唱出《最冷一天》里缠绵悱恻的悲伤,又驾驭得了《无心睡眠》里光芒四射的热辣。 As a singer , he created songs like "I", he could sing the lingering sadness in "The Coldest Day", and managed the radiant heat in "Inadvertent Sleep".

,他演活了不疯魔不成活的程蝶衣,《枪王》Rick绝望的眼睛、狠辣以及对杀人的渴望,一转眼却又变成神父安然温柔的面容。 As an actor , he played Cheng Dieyi, a madman who can't live, and Rick's desperate eyes, fierceness, and thirst for killing in "The King of Guns", but in a blink of an eye, he turned into a gentleman's face.

,他毫不顾忌世人眼光,和另一半牵手二十余年,二十年如一日“为你钟情倾我至诚”。 As a companion , he has no regard for the eyes of the world, and has been holding hands with the other half for more than 20 years. For 20 years, "I love you sincerely for you."

Red is a hype, Red I is a charm. Leslie Cheung can become a phenomenal star, still so red today, what is the most important reason?

Absolutely excellent own conditions in special times

Made an extraordinary him

He can be melancholic and unruly

Can also be obsessed with life for drama and brother

Life is like a drama, drama is like life

He curtained off in his ultimate pursuit of art

Although born in a wealthy home, Leslie Cheung's childhood was not happy. Because parents are busy with business all day and have no intention to take care of their families, instead of living with them and not seeing each other a few times, Zhang Guorong, as a younger son, has been neglected by his parents. In addition, the age gap between Leslie Cheung and his brothers and sisters makes them less close to their peers and more lonely and lost.

△ Leslie Cheung Family Portrait

In Leslie Cheung's memory, his mother had never cared about him, met him for at least a week, and never spent the night at the house where he lived. From an early age, he never talked to his mother. He even envied the children who were beaten by their parents, at least those children received the attention of their parents. As an adult, Leslie Cheung tried to improve mother-child relationships. He brought his mother to live with him, but he did not expect his mother to be as restrained as a guest. The more gifts he gave his mother, the more polite his mother was to him. Until the death of the mother, the relationship between the two was still very alienated, and the lack of motherly love became a regret for Zhang Guorong's life. Even in Wang Jiawei's film "A Fei Zheng Zhuan", Leslie Cheung played a decadent youth who lacked motherly love.


《阿飞正传》剧照 Stills of "The True Story of A Fei"

《东邪西毒》剧照 Stills of "East West West Poison"

《春光乍泄》剧照 Stills of Spring Break

Rejection and rejection are the main theme of Leslie Cheung's films. Despite the ever-changing roles, he always asks himself: "A entertainer can be sloppy, beautiful, type, and inch, male or female, so that is successful. I think an actor is androgynous and ever-changing. It's a pity that the Hong Kong market is just a swarm of trends, a swarm of models, that's not my ideal. "Leslie Cheung said that he would rather ignore the image, but also star in enough challenging films.

△ Stills of Farewell My Concubine

Who would have expected that Cheng Dieyi in Farewell My Concubine is fearless and mundane, loyal to love, and expresses her loyalty to love in a self-proclaimed way. In reality, Leslie Cheung ’s life is also a self-directed play At the end of the play, he chose the same destination.

Singing and acting under the face

Revealing tenderness and evergreen

Bold disclosure of emotional status

Live the true self

Back to heart

Exceptionally beautiful

On April 1, 2003, April Fool's Day, a city that was overwhelmingly heartbreaking and white, God waved his hand and took away the beloved nobleman of Hong Kong, but his voice and smile were still carved in time.

Leslie Cheung did not say goodbye to anyone before leaping, leaving only a few words with more than 50 words. In this testament, he wrote: "Depression! Thank you friends, thank you Professor Mellieffield. I have worked so hard this year and can't stand it anymore, thank you Tang Tang, thank you family, thank you Sister Fat. I have n’t done bad things in my life , Why is this so? "

△ Stills from "Another Space"

He mentioned several people in his testament. Among them, Professor Mellieffield was his psychologist, and Sister Fei was a well-known artist, Shen Dianxia. As for Tang Tang, he is a very special person for him.

Tang Tang, formerly known as Tang Hede, Leslie Cheung called him Tang. On the tenth anniversary of Leslie Cheung ’s death, Mr. Tang wrote a diploma and wrote: "Ten years of life and death are unclear, unforgettable, and unforgettable. Passing by like this, without day and night, life is impermanent. Only love has eternity, so We continue to love Leslie Cheung. "On the twelfth anniversary of Leslie Cheung's death, Tang Hede missed the old photos on Instagram and wrote affectionately," Death and life are broad, talk with sons. Hold the hands of sons, and grow old with sons. "

△ Leslie Cheung and Tang Hede

For Mr. Tang, Leslie Cheung is not only a close friend, but also a life partner.

In January 1997, in the last scene of Leslie Cheung's comeback concert, Mr. Tang finally appeared. Leslie Cheung said on the stage: "As long as I am happy and I have no right to ask questions outside, I will only return to Leslie Cheung." Publicly acknowledging his homosexual relationship with Tang Hede undoubtedly requires great courage, but this did not hurt Leslie Cheung His career, instead, gave him applause and blessings. When the fans in the audience shouted "Fulfill you", in fact, it was him who really fulfilled Leslie Cheung. His protection, responsibility, recognition and respect for Mr. Tang is the key to the success of their relationship.

Sri Lankans have gone, but Zhang Guorong's attitude towards art and love has infected people. He is still very popular today, and may continue to be red. Today, with the proliferation of Internet celebrities, it is possible to develop an aesthetic like Zhang Guorong in accordance with his own personality. The role of life is to play his own true star. In 2010, Radio Television Hong Kong launched a poll for 100 reasons why Hong Kong people love Hong Kong. Among them, "There is Leslie Cheung" ranked first. Because he represents a bygone era, his life is connected with the ups and downs of Hong Kong's popular culture and history, so Leslie Cheung is destined to become a legend and be remembered forever.

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