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Inadequate implementation and management

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1. No work is equal to zero

For every marketer, we must learn to cherish and be grateful. Under the financial crisis, marketers should cherish the current opportunities. The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Talents who know how to seize the opportunity will laugh to the end. If there is no work to be treasured, the golden rice bowl will also become a mud rice bowl.

Second, ability has no performance equal to zero

Everyone has their own strengths. Knowing their strengths and making their values recognized by others in order to gain greater development space. Therefore, if you think you are a horse, please travel a thousand miles in advance. While showing your abilities, Bole will also appear. Don't forget: the potential advantage can only become an advantage if it is exerted, otherwise it will become a burden.

3. There is no plan to act equal to zero

A plan is only the premise of execution, and action is the essence of execution. If a plan cannot be practiced and summarized through action, any perfect plan can only be a fairy tale that can never be realized. Therefore, the key to marketing innovation is not to make a perfect plan, but to act now.

Fourth, there is no opportunity to fight for zero

It is better to teach fish than to fish. Work is more than just a salary. At work, the opportunities emerging in the market are also a good opportunity to cultivate and exercise your ability. To win and seize the opportunity, you only need to think more than others Do a little more.

Fifth, there is a layout without supervision is equal to zero

Work must be organized, implemented, and supervised. They cannot replace supervision. Only through supervision and summary can it be possible to find problems, handle problems, summarize experiences, and learn lessons from the supervision and summary. It is possible to carry out the work better in the end.

Six, progress does not continue to equal zero

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Everyone actively seeks progress, so that the team can make progress. Continuous progress will be the continuous growth of the team. "No power is too much, too little is too small." Fate can only be eliminated last.

Seven, it is found that no treatment is equal to zero

In the face of a rapidly changing market, any plan in the implementation process may cause a small negligence and cause the entire operation to fail.

Therefore, in addition to implementing the perfect plan and grasping the details in a timely manner, every small problem found in the process needs to be handled and compensated to prevent "a mile of embankment and collapse in the ant hole."

Eight, there is no flexibility in operation equal to zero

Marketing is focused on innovation. If you have what I have, if you have me, you are better. Don't move hard, empirical, any process operation, operation. In the face of a flexible and volatile market, you can win without difference.

Nine, valuable unused equals zero

The marketer must be a good manager who can calculate: the rationality of the product structure is value, and even the value of the company is value. Only the reasonable use of value, the full use of each person, the value of every penny, and even the valuelessness To dig out the value, it is considered a qualified marketer.

Ten, there is no profit equal to zero

If sales volume is a benchmark for measuring the performance of business personnel, then profit is a benchmark on the benchmark. It is not enough to simply complete sales tasks. Only sales that are based on profit can be regarded as true sales. Only those that can complete profits and guarantee sales Only marketers can count as good marketers.

The key to management innovation is to implement every detail in place. Execution is the foundation and details are the key.

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