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Get up early to check in | Did you check in this week?

Public number : Sanquan College Student Union Source: Time: 2020-02-21 01:56:08

Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Blood Wo Xuanyuan

No matter what is going on,

Please do n’t give up lightly,

Because there is never a kind of persistence that will be disappointed.

The new week's check-in record has been updated to see which friends have persisted.


Autumn blue rain punches: 6 times Current total energy: 177g

Article 2

打卡次数:6次当前总能量:177g Xie Hangkong punch card times: 6 times current total energy: 177g

3rd Place

打卡次数:6次当前总能量:159g Loving snails punch cards: 6 times Current total energy: 159g


打卡次数:6次当前总能量:145g Sunsh ... Punch times: 6 Current total energy: 145g


打卡次数:5次当前总能量:80g Time check-in times: 5 times Current total energy: 80g


打卡次数:5次当前总能量:51g Number of times to mock people : 5 times Current total energy: 51g


打卡次数:1次当前总能量:28g Number of punches for Hibiscus : 1 time Current total energy: 28g

Tai Chi Panda Valkyrie with


打卡次数:4次当前总能量:28g Number of palm punches : 4 times Current total energy: 28g


打卡次数:2次当前总能量:11g Smile ... Punch times: 2 times Current total energy: 11g


Disturbance. Number of punches: 1 Current total energy: 1g

Check in

The small partners who persist are all good. Lazy people like Xiaobian should learn from these hard-working partners.

Get up early to get rich rewards and wait for those who are diligent to take it away.

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