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Remember the revolutionary martyrs and carry forward the national spirit

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Remember the revolutionary martyrs and carry forward the national spirit

Department of Computer Science and Technology


To honor the revolutionary martyrs, promote the spirit of patriotism, and promote the construction of spiritual civilization in our university, on March 21, 2017, the Department of Computer Science and Technology of Tangshan University held a "Remember the Martyrs of the Revolution and Promote the National Spirit" Themed grave sweeping memorial activities.


All the people participating in the tomb sweeping dressed in school uniforms bowed their heads and mourned in front of the martyr's tombstone, and paid tribute to the martyr's flower basket full of reverence. Then the classmates mourned a eulogy to express their heavy feelings for the martyrs in order to show their right The memory and respect of the martyrs. Immediately afterwards, everyone carefully listened to the commentator's introduction to the heroic deeds of some revolutionary martyrs. In the explanation, it seems that the bloody years of war have reappeared. The outstanding children of the Chinese nation have tossed their heads and sprinkled blood for the happiness of the people. The students deeply understand that today's happy life is the martyr They traded for life. Finally, under the leadership of the responsible person, the students visited the Revolutionary Martyrs Memorial and the Mausoleum of Revolutionary Martyrs in an orderly manner.

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This grave-sweeping campaign has made us deeply educated. We understand that without the sacrifices of martyrs, we cannot live in a peaceful age. The brilliant thoughts are immortal. The blood of revolutionary martyrs is not in vain. In the long river of history, the Chinese nation continues to strengthen itself. The revolutionary spirit that followed the succession shines brilliantly, and we should inherit and carry forward it. As the saying goes, juveniles are strong and nations are strong. At this moment, we should remember history more, remember those lost years, and more firmly follow the faith and determination of the Chinese Communist Party.

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