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Chongqing flying hand smiles: don't be complacent and think that flying hand is great

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Xiaoxiao (net name), 34 years old, is based in Chongqing and is engaged in aerial photography. Xiaoxiao turned out to be a photographer. In July 2013, he was shooting a film. One day he encountered someone playing a drone in a park and went up to say hello. They used a drone to shoot a segment of Xiaoxiao. Laughing cut it into his own film, I feel the effect is good, since then I gradually contacted the drone, and set foot on the road of full-time aerial photography.

Laughing in a Tshirt with the word "Go" operating an airplane

Xiaoxiao's first aircraft was Wuyi, which is also the model he used most, and it still feels very useful. Although he feels that Wufei is a little bit floating, he still needs to use it when doing large movement displacements, because Wu's speed is very fast. For example, when he wants to rotate to shoot a mountain, if the plane displacement is not enough, it will turn slowly. When shooting big scenes, Wu ’s performance is very good. In his opinion, the best thing to fly is Elf 4, which feels good, the flight is relatively stable, and the shooting picture is relatively straight.

The smile of the photographer's background has high requirements on the picture quality, so he also hopes that the picture quality of the drone's shooting pictures can continue to improve. In his opinion, in actual use, the image quality of the X5 is okay, but it feels worse than other brands of cameras, and if the M600 is mounted with 5d3, it will be more troublesome to debug. If it is mounted, there are many small Problems, such as unstable image transmission and inflexible tripod, are expected to be resolved. Xiaoxiao is also a member of the DJI M600 user rights protection netizen. He said that when he called customer service to ask technical questions, he got different opinions, but he did n’t know which one was correct. 2. After testing in person, you can answer the questions with the user, so that you can be more accurate.

At the beginning of practice, Xiaoxiao always flew the plane when it was fully charged, and also participated in some group activities. He mentioned that when the user first started practicing the aircraft, he needed to think about what he was doing, and there was often a delay from thinking to getting started. However, it is impossible to give the pilot so much delay time in actual flight, especially when encountering unexpected conditions. Therefore, the flying hand must be as proficient as driving, no matter from which direction, even if the plane is flying towards itself, you know the direction of the plane. "You will have a kind of conditioned reflection formed in an instant. You don't need to think, you can control it." It is better to reach this state and then pick up the business, otherwise the risk of the bomber will be very high. Not to mention the cost of crashing the plane can be distressing, and the loss of the plane and hitting people and items is even more unpredictable. Xiaoxiao also recommends that you learn a little about photography. Since many flying photographers start with non-photographers, they often think that it is very good to take a shot and shoot for two or three minutes. 5 seconds, the longest is 10 seconds. Therefore, it is not necessary to show off the tricks. It is best to take a few seconds or ten seconds of footage that the customer needs.

In addition to flying by himself, Xiaoxiao also brought a few apprentices. What he emphasized most with his students was that at the beginning of the practice of the aircraft, they must be consistent with the direction of the nose and develop good habits. Conditioning reflexes will be formed after so long, left is left, right is right, front is front, back is back, don't stand sideways near this machine, and don't face the plane, otherwise the GPS will go to which plane When the direction flutters, the novice is easily panic. Subconsciously operating the joystick, the original intention was to fly in the opposite direction, which caused the aircraft to accelerate. Therefore, the best way is to keep the direction of the person and the plane in the same direction, so that you can conditionally reflect the plane and fly away to avoid danger.

With the accumulation of experience, he increasingly emphasized safety first. He recalled that when he first came into contact with the plane, he would have the kind of vanity. When he wanted to fly in a certain place, he felt that he was a good cow. He would also fly to a height of 500 meters, and felt very handsome in a pose. But after flying for a long time, he is more accustomed to flying according to the needs of customers, and he does not want others to see himself flying, because he often encounters people watching, in addition to interfering with the flying of the pilot, there is also the risk of hitting people, so he hopes Everyone stayed away. He also mentioned that the user of civil aviation technology at Xiaoshan International Airport for close-up aerial photography, "he said that he didn't know, this is a matter of no common sense. I wouldn't go near the airport, and I would just pass it if there was a task."

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Flying over the bridge hole for the first time, Xiaoxiao didn't realize the danger, but after one time, he refused the task of flying bridge hole. There will be electromagnetic interference near the bridge hole, and the aircraft's visual angle next to the bridge hole will cause mishandling of the pilot. For example, he thought that he flew out of the bridge hole, but it may actually be because the aircraft ’s lens has a wide angle and has not actually flew out. In this way, as soon as the plane is pulled up, it may hit something else. It is still a trivial matter if the plane is dropped, but Chongqing has light rail traffic passing through many bridges and holes, so there is also the risk of hitting light rail related facilities, with a higher risk factor. Once, the director asked him to be rejected by Feiqiaodong, and the director was dissatisfied. He said that as a professional flying man, he specialized in this piece. "You don't have this skill, do you still come out to eat?" Xiaoxiao told the other side, which was related to professional skills. It doesn't matter. It does involve security issues. This service can be disconnected, but it will never go to the bridge (bridge hole). "Of course some daring pilots can fly, but I can't, you can go to him."

One of his most dangerous flights was flying above a reservoir in Guizhou. He was standing under a power transmission pile, and there was no signal there. At that time, he had been operating the aircraft for more than half a year, and he was not particularly proficient, so he did not have too many taboos. "Fly hard and fly hard," but he did not consider in advance that the iPad used as a monitor had overheating protection, and it became a black screen. . Therefore, at that time, it was not possible to determine where the aircraft was located, and panicked with a smile, only vaguely remembering that the aircraft was not far above the head, and there was about 4 minutes of power left in the flight time. He and the other two members of the team wore sunglasses all looking at the sky, looking for the plane together, and finally saw that when the plane landed it, the plane had only 1% of power left, that is, if it was delayed for more than 10 seconds, the plane could explode. machine. So after this lesson, the experience summarized by Xiaoxiao is to prepare an additional mobile phone. If the Pad encounters overheating protection, change the phone immediately, and there will be a signal cut-in to ensure continued control of the aircraft.

Xiaoxiao is now mainly doing aerial photography of documentaries, such as helping Chongqing TV stations and film crews from other places to Chongqing, as well as some advertising companies' activities, weddings, aerial delays, mapping and other aerial photography. Seemingly a simple wedding, Xiao Xiao finds it the most difficult to shoot. As a professional photographer, he knows which seconds can be used, but the situation at the wedding scene is particularly many, so he finds it more difficult to shoot, of course it is difficult. To challenge. The identity of the photographer makes Xiaoxiao more sensitive to light and color. He can also use software such as Lightroom and Photoshop to do post-processing, so he has an advantage over many aerial photographers.

The intuitive change brought by drones to Xiaoxiao is to increase income. After all, aerial photography is a relatively high-risk job and the cost is relatively high. The family also supports his work. Until now, he has Yu, Elven 4, two Wu 1, m600 and other aircraft, X3, X5 and other gimbal cameras, spending more than 100,000 yuan on aircraft equipment. He mainly flew on his own. His previous professional background made him understand the director's needs more quickly. Often, it takes only one or two shots to pass. He will also make various suggestions from a professional perspective, such as lighting, timing and Angle, etc. This not only improves efficiency but also gains more recognition from customers.

Xiaoxiao believes that the drone industry will have a very good development. The cost of aerial photography on aircraft was very high in the past. Now the cost of drones has been much lower than before. However, as an emerging industry, more rules and regulations are needed to improve it, especially for safe flight, which always comes first. At present, there are more and more pilots, and the quality of pilot services is uneven. Many people think that everything is fine with a certificate, but this is not the case. He said, "Don't be too complacent. It's great to consider yourself a flying man. You have a lot to learn. First of all, you have to like this drone. You have to have nothing to toss in order to learn more, Strong technology. Ca n’t say you only fly when you have business. Like me, I ’m carrying a fighter now, I can fly at any time. As long as you have the ability, determination, and your own efforts, I believe you will have a place of."

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