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To be human, be like a potato (classic sentences)

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Often interact with seniors, meet with elegant people leisurely, and share with loved ones.

Be like a potato, stew it with anything, and it won't taste bad.

Do n’t be like an aniseed peppercorn. Whatever is happening, follow the hard work from beginning to end. Finally, the dishes are done. Whoever moves the chopsticks is the first thing that picks you out and pulls them aside, for fear of eating you.

Not to mention flies. As soon as you stir fry, you will instigate the small wings to move forward, always treat yourself as a material, and put it in the pot and let it go, and the dish will be finished!

A piece of straw thrown on the street is rubbish. It can be sold at the price of Chinese cabbage tied to Chinese cabbage. The price of Chinese crab is tied to Chinese crab.

Follow the flies into the toilet, follow the honey to find the flowers; with the hard-working people, you will not be lazy; with the positive people, you will not be depressed.

Walking with the wise, you will be extraordinary; with the superior, you can reach the top.

With what kind of person, there will be what kind of life.

Flying with the Phoenix must be a handsome bird; walking with a tiger and a wolf must be a beast.

People lift people to lift great men, monks lift monks to lift monks! You see everyone around you as a treasure, you are surrounded by treasure, and you are a "corner";

You treat everyone around you as grass, you are surrounded by grass, and you are a bale of grass. In life, we must understand how to amplify the advantages of others, appreciate the strengths of others, and believe that "three people must have our teacher."

You can trust others, but you cannot count on others; criticism must be accepted, but insults are absolutely unacceptable.

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It should be said that the dumb should be dumb, that is a kind of cleverness;

What to do and what to retreat is a kind of wisdom;

What should be revealed should be revealed, what should be hidden should be hidden, that is a state.

Reluctant power is not affected by the big lu, helplessness is not affected by big gifts, and courage does not make big money.

Often interact with seniors, meet with elegant people leisurely, and share with loved ones.

The road comes out step by step, the love is changed back little by little, and life is also turned over page by page.

Being low-key in a person is important; speaking is a low-key thing; hard work is important; holding on to feelings is important.

Life is safe, happiness is important; time slips away, meaning is important; vicissitudes of life, friends are important.

If you are alive, you are content.

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