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WeChat Index: sorry, I've been broken

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Liu Xiaoqing

Quickly, pay attention to this public account, and raise your posture together ~

Search trends include Baidu Index,

Shopping trends have Taobao index,

and many more,

what ! ?

WeChat also has WeChat Index!

Let Ge Ge take everyone to play WeChat Index ~

Keywords: WeChat index

On March 23, 2017, the WeChat index was born.

Within a day, swipe the circle of friends!

well? 呢? What is the WeChat Index ?

According to the official introduction of the WeChat index, it is a mobile-end index based on a comprehensive analysis of WeChat search, public account articles, and publicly forwarded articles in the circle of friends. When searching for a keyword, through the index, I can intuitively see the trend of heat changes in the past 7 days, 30 days, or even 90 days, which truly reflects the current Internet public opinion information.


The WeChat Index Jun was born for the public opinion response plan, but was played like this by you:

Can (bu) have fun (ren)! (Du)!

Single Narcissistic Party: Search yourself! Search yourself! Search yourself!

(If the name is the same, please don't care about it ~)

100,000! 200,000! 300,000 ...

Mo Chou has no confidant on his way, who in the world does not know the king!

Collapse for comfort: search poor! Search silly! Search heartache!

The index swelled, the same kind rolled.

The same is a fallen person, why have you met each other when they met!

Gege Operation Dogs: PK Index! PK attention! PK heat!

Do n’t know, I ’m more worried!

Although thousands of people have worked hard, they have exhausted the yellow sand to reach gold!

Of course: the WeChat index is not cold data,

I am born

There is no lack of passion:

It applauds the national football: dreams are horses, gallop green!

And WeChat index number on the same day of the same month and the same day,

Changsha Helong Stadium,

The Chinese National Football Team defeated South Korea 1-0 in the top 12 World Championships,

Obtained the third victory in the history of China-Korea confrontation!

International Class A wins against South Korea!

Asia's highest level match wins Korea first!

Applause, cheers, flowers! Say goodbye to fear of Korea,

The national football takes out the backbone and is dry!

Think about it: the national football is brave to win,

What reason do we not have to work hard!

Come on!

Dear Big Cloud Index will surely go to the top!

The overall situation of dual first-class construction

Why do you not work hard at Yunda University?

Prove with a practical index,

Who doesn't know me?

I heard that there are still friends who don't know where the WeChat index is. Let the cabinet tell you ~

The method is very simple: in the search window at the top of the WeChat client, search for "WeChat Index", enter the index homepage, enter keywords in the search box, and click search to search the corresponding index data.

Finally, the last cabinet is here to give everyone benefits

Welfare, welfare, welfare

(Important thing said three times)

As long as everyone enters and sends keywords in the dialog

"The most beautiful", "the most handsome"

You can get high-resolution photos of Yunda University flowers and school grass ~

Reply multiple times to get photos from different angles ~

Author: Cheng Jun Zheng Yuanyuan

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