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No one knows about love, ca n’t just love

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Complete Works of Black Fox TV Series

1. In those years, we longed for love, but what we have is a long-lasting friendship.

2. Jun is a century-old man in the cape. Flowers are due this spring, and who will be the sweeper next year.

3, I also want to say how tender she is, making you forget the old and the new.

4. I trust you to close your eyes and cover your ears, even if the whole world says you are wrong, as long as you deny, I believe

5, as long as people do not lose their direction, they will not lose themselves! What matters in life is not where you stand, but what direction you are facing.

6.Less the detour, I miss the scenery.Thanks for the experience anyway.

7. Without health, wisdom cannot be revealed, culture cannot be exerted, power cannot fight, and knowledge cannot be used.

8. I will use my actions to prove my results after three years.

9. You don't have to show off so deliberately and urgently. Some things, I do n’t have, I do n’t need them.

10, I am the old lady's person, you do not want to move a sweat

11. There are always things that make you want to show off to the world without being willing to share it with anyone.

12. I could meet you at the moment of my life, but it took all my luck.

13. Who said that fat girls cannot find their own happiness? Is there a state provision in the national provisions?

14, how can you stay as ordinary as a cloud .

15. Can the clown's tears be regarded as a funny performance ?

16. You are sad to be tender at this moment.

17. Time and distance will slowly widen the gap between two people until one day, our world no longer overlaps .

Tieqi Jiangshan

18. Need words, let me tell you by action, what is love!

19. Don't be willing to do too much, no one will thank you, it will only make people more aggressive.

20. Choose an attitude to make yourself irreplaceable .

21. If you dare to treat me as a game, I will dare to kill you.

22. Let us greet each other. Warm words can resolve the sorrow of life; let us care about each other, the power of thought can shorten time and space.

23. Those thoughts that didn't speak out have become dark circles.

24. I'm not afraid to wait for pain, I'm afraid I can't wait for the ending I want, and I'm still not sober.

25. Falling in love at first sight is not like you at first glance; but after looking at it, you never forget you again.

26. There is no pain in liking a person. Love someone, there may be long pain, but he gives me happiness .

27. She dropped her alert and entered a bloody world

28. Saying one more sentence in the emotional world is mocking yourself.

29, I give my heart to you, you throw it on the ground, I have to pick it up with a smile

30. I would rather live in cruel reality than what you call a good-faith lie.

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