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Yingshan luxury car not on the brand? "Unlicensed" to the world, what is the traffic rules?

Public number: Yingshan.com Source: Time: 2020-01-08 20:22:01

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It's weekend again,

The sun is shining today.

Where do you guys and guys want to go? We can have fun, but some students ca n’t appreciate the fun of the weekend. Even, a help post was posted on the Yingshan Forum

Xiaoqi said, is this too little work? Are you emotional? However, if the situation is true, the school should indeed inform the students in advance to bring more living expenses. It would have been very hard to study. Eat enough to study for the rise of China!

What do you think of Yingshan's traffic? Anyway, Xiaoqi thinks that most of the accidents are motorcycles, riding fast, not letting pedestrians and cars, and the probability of accidents is relatively high. In addition, some netizens broke a big deal, as shown in the figure;

This TM is awkward, I hope the traffic police department can take good care of it. After all, ordinary people are still a disadvantaged group. If an accident occurs, who will be responsible for the people?

This kind of problem is not eliminated, and the relevant departments do not act according to law. What is fair? Where is the name of the people?

Chicken sauce

Okay, far away. In addition to these bad things, there are other things that are worth our joy.

No, from April 16th, the Huanggang opened high-speed rail to Beijing and Guangzhou, the whole journey only takes more than 5 hours.

It is convenient for the students who are struggling in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. It is no longer necessary to go to Wuhan to experience the enthusiastic traffic ...

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