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Liquor can grow flowers, try to grow flowers in spring

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Wine is common in our lives

Liquor is always stocked in most friends' homes

In addition to drinking, white wine has many wonderful uses in life

你知道吗 Liquor can be used to grow flowers, do you know

However, the learning here is not simple

Let's find out with Xiaobian

Liquor growing flowers

Liquor is brewed using grains. In addition to alcohol and water, there are many trace elements such as acids, lipids, higher alcohols, etc. In addition to ethanol can be used for disinfection, the trace substances in Absorbed by plants.

How Liquor Raises Flowers

1, reminder

For example, if the clivia in the house does not bloom, you can use white wine to urge flowers. Take an appropriate amount of liquor, dilute it with water to about 50g, and once every 20 days, directly pour it on the soil. After insisting a few times, the clivia that is not blooming will shoot out!

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2, disinfection and insecticide

If there is no alcohol in the home, but aphids are found on the fleshy body, you can first wipe it with the high-level liquor in the home, and the aphids will be removed.

3.Relieve deadlock

Clivia spp. Appears saplings, and white wine can also be used. After Qingming and before the autumn, pour a glass of white wine (just the right amount, not too much) into the pot of Clivia, and be careful not to splash it on the plants. After seven or eight days, the effect will be seen. The sapling condition of Clivia will be relieved, new leaves will grow out one after another, and flowers and arrows will gradually be drawn out.

Wrong usage

1. Water the flowers directly with liquor without dilution, which will easily burn the flowers. 2. The dregs that fell into the wine after the meal were also poured into the flower pot. The dregs were easy to burn the root system after the rot.

3. Water and protect flowers with industrial alcohol. There is no substance that industrial plants can absorb, so it is easy to water the flowers with industrial alcohol.

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