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Women's clothes in the workplace

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

King of War 5200

Recognize the QR code and reply with the numbers in parentheses.

(11) Alive, what is the picture?

凌晨三点,街头的这一幕,感动了千万人! (12) At three o'clock in the morning, this scene on the street touched millions!

在轮回的渡口你我皆是过客,说出所有的人性! (13) You and I are passers-by at the ferry of reincarnation, telling all humanity!

为什么越成功的老板越喜欢借钱? (14) Why do the more successful bosses like to borrow money? Understand 10 years less detour!

太绝了! (15) Terrible! Can you write a Chinese character as a picture, how many can you recognize?

一个年轻人去买碗,老板的一句话却改变了他的人生 (16) A young man went to buy a bowl, but a word from the boss changed his life

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