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Spending money can best tell a person's basic qualities and mentality

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Allure the world

Recently, when I looked at the photos from the college period, the people in the photos were still innocent and arrogant, sitting on the steps with their hands compared to scissors.

It is also interesting to think about it. After graduation, everyone will go their own way and occasionally get together. They will always make fun of the past things, such as who chased who was then who was drunk first.

Of course, more often, they will sneer at each other's dress.

When they first entered the school, most of the students lived too easily and lazily. Most girls cut bangs that they could n’t understand, and wore loose, untextured clothes. The boys were probably dragging their feet with jeans.

Now think about it, we have given our lazy time to think about this part of the matter, often thinking to ourselves: sleep for five minutes! May eventually go out with eye shit.

Whenever you hurriedly carried the buns to the classroom, there was always a goddess with a shawl—painted with exquisite makeup and a well-dressed schoolgirl walking past meteor in front of you. Waiting for her to look back at Bai Meisheng with a smile, and then silently dedicate her knees.

In those years, I was fortunate to associate with such a school sister, and after having a deep chat, I learned that the bright life is not an open life.

Xuejie is a school figure, tall and tall, with long black hair lining the skin like Bai Xue, and faintly reveals a hint of tender red. But no one ever thought that she also had a black history of nearly 90 kg.

"The most uncomfortable thing at that time was that there was no clothes to wear and no dressing up. There was no self-confidence when going out, and even to avoid the eyes of pedestrians. Even if it was not malicious, it was difficult to accept.

After all, at that time, what she couldn't accept was herself.

When she was in high school, she was in a state of complete indulgence. She drank a lot of carbonated drinks and ate a lot of puffed food. In the end, I didn't know if she drank too much or really puffed. This figure also tended to be spherical. In addition, I never like sports. When I am free, I hide in bed and watch a TV show, crying and crying, and silently put a handful of snacks in my mouth.

"In fact, it is no wonder that others have neglected themselves."


In fact, she didn't even care about it until one day, when she saw another girl on the street wearing her favorite clothes, she finally broke out.

Extraordinarily enchanting gl

"Why can't I?"

She threw away the burger and cola in her hand, and from that moment, said goodbye to this unhealthy obesity.

In the following days, she first ran, from one hundred meters to one kilometer, from one lap to ten laps. Seeing that her weight dropped day by day, wide clothes were gradually eliminated.

On the holiday after the college entrance examination, she didn't go anywhere, plunged into the gym, learned yoga and dance, and came into contact with dumbbells and other equipment.

This kind of sports life brought her not only a change in body shape, but also a mentality. 也戒掉了电视剧,学起了更多的知识。 She started to become more active, going to bed early and getting up early, paying attention to her quality of life and increasing the available time. She also quit the TV series and learned more knowledge.

Along with the vest line and increasing knowledge literacy, her self-confidence returned, with a charming charm flowing between her steps.

She put on her favorite clothes, and she also carried a good-looking bag, a pair of good-looking high-heeled shoes, which lined her legs beautifully.


She told me that for a girl, instead of envying someone else's life, it is better to change from the present. In fact, she just wants to put on those beautiful clothes.

"There is nothing that can stop a girl from loving her beauty. So don't neglect to dress yourself, otherwise the money will not be spent on things that make you beautiful, maybe it will be eaten into the increasing value on the scale.

"I work so hard to put on the clothes I like, to put on that beautiful dress. This age, I should wear clothes that suit me."

Spending money on making myself better in this world, in this way, really can be considered a good woman.

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