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When you see a dog sitting in the co-pilot ...

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Things are precious as white as white

I have a problem. When I saw someone sitting in a car on the road, I couldn't help taking a picture!

Isn't it cute!

Later, I found that there are many people who have the same hobbies as me!

Not long ago, a netizen posted such a picture on Weibo ↓

As soon as this photo was sent out, the comments below exploded ...

It turned out that more than one of her was photographed

Xiaobian couldn't help but sighed, this is really a wonderful fate

And what I have to say is that this Wang is really cool, indifferent throughout the whole process, calmly hit the girl!

Of course, netizens did not live up to expectations and made it into an expression pack

Xiao Bian also found that those who are sitting in the co-pilot Wang Du will especially play for themselves!

This is the chai chai below ...

Not long ago, a netizen saw a dog hanging in the rearview mirror from a distance.

Netizens said that looking at it looks like waiting for the owner, and it must have been waiting for a long time to see the expression

Three brothers and sisters solved

There is no love for a face ...

Netizens said that it was particularly funny to see it, but when the owner came back, his eyes immediately flickered, and he shook his head happily and was very cute ~

If you think about it, Xiaobian feels that the dogs sitting in the owner's car are very happy, because the owner must not want to be with him at home alone.

And with such a special passenger on the co-pilot, it will be more pleasant to drive!

Don't laugh, bikes are cars too!

This little pose is an old driver at a glance!

The owner is going out again, so I have to be accompanied

Be sure to fasten your seat belt!

Go for a drive! So happy to laugh!

Oh my god, this old driver feels safe on the shoulder

The following video was taken by a netizen. A truck driver who looks very melancholy may have just fallen in love and is here to dispose of his own suffering.

Wang: You just fell in love, I was a dog in Dongsanhuan!

how about it? Seeing that there is a Wang in someone's car, can't you help taking a picture?

PS: Although the pictures above are all funny, I still want to remind everyone that for your safety and the dog's safety, try not to put them in the co-pilot position.

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