www hg.10.com [Inventory] Huawei News 丨 Huawei won the "Best Cloud PCRF Operation Architecture Award"

[Inventory] Huawei News 丨 Huawei won the "Best Cloud PCRF Operation Architecture Award"

Public number : Baigu Information Source: Time: 2020-02-21 01:55:29

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Huawei SmartPCC solution won the "Best Clouded PCRF (Policy and Charging Rules Function) Operation Architecture Award" at the Global Policy Control Conference in Berlin, Germany.

With the advent of the fully connected era, operator communication services have extended from person-to-person communication to things-to-things, and people-to-things intelligent interconnection. The types of services have become more diversified and the service characteristics have greatly differed. Huawei SmartPCC solution can manage multiple access networks such as MBB, FBB, SDN, and WiFi at the same time, helping operators to provide unified policy management across the network, based on user and service awareness, end-to-end, and providing users with unified services that are not related to access. Experience and differentiated experience guarantee, realizing traffic management based on user lifecycle management, maximizing the value of each bit of data traffic, and improving operator business income.

The Huawei SmartPCC solution is designed using the Cloud Native full-cloud concept. It supports a three-tier software architecture of distributed load balancing, distributed databases, and stateless business processing units. It achieves second-level elastic scalability without loss of sessions. Facility-independent carrier-class capabilities, and through a series of intelligent tool platforms, services can be fully automated deployment, resources can be arranged on demand, faults can be quickly restored and self-healing, and agility and intelligent operation and maintenance after network cloudification are realized.

Faced with the needs of more and more complex scenarios in the future, the operator's policy management center will develop towards a service-oriented architecture to achieve more flexible strategy orchestration and business innovation, and meet the operator's rich personalized services and rapid online requirements.

华为接受Strategy Analytics总监Susan Welsh de Grimaldo(右一 )颁奖 Huawei receives the award from Susan Welsh de Grimaldo, Director of Strategy Analytics  

Zhang Qin, Director of Marketing Operations Department, Huawei Cloud Core Network, said: "Thanks to the industry for its recognition of Huawei's strategic management capabilities and comprehensive cloudization practices. Strategy management will play an increasingly important role in network evolution and cloud transformation. Huawei will work together Operators and partners bring users a more extreme business experience. "

According to the consulting reports of IHS Markit and GlobalData, Huawei SmartPCC continued to hold the first place in the global PCRF market, and was named the only industry leader in the PCRF field. As of the first quarter of 2017, Huawei's SmartPCC solution has entered more than 240 countries and more than 240 operators, and has launched extensive cloud transformation strategic cooperation with Vodafone, China Mobile, Deutsche Telekom, and British EE.


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