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Fresh recommendation 丨 Chen Zitong's "Don't Say" / The Chainsmokers "The One"

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The ex-wife of the novel's president

NO.1 Chen Zitong's "Don't Say"

If two people love each other, it only takes one look or a smile, and the other person will understand your heart.

The feeling of "consciously" is really wonderful, for example, love.

用这首歌教你别说爱,勇敢听爱! Chen Zitong uses this song to teach you not to say love, to listen to love bravely!

《Don't Say》 ,整首歌曲主要表达了一种含蓄又微妙的爱情状态。 Chen Zitong released her first single "Don't Say" after joining the new club . The whole song mainly expresses a subtle and subtle love state. She has an idea for music. She improvisedly added a very attitude Rap in the song, which is refreshing and allows listeners to see through the song that there is actually a delicate side to her casual personality and a way to express love. Although there are many kinds, sometimes the implicitness of "silence is better than sound" is more intense than direct expression!

NO.2 The Chainsmokers 《The One》

Borrow money fast

更是在美国Billboard百强单曲榜中12连冠,你是否也单曲循环过这首歌呢? They are a hit group of the moment, their music creation potential is unlimited, they have won the National Music Awards and Grammy Awards, and their single "Closer" is the 12th in the US Billboard Top 100 singles chart, Have you ever looped this song again? But that is the past tense, because the next song is about to occupy your song list!

T he Chainsmokers 毫无预兆的带着全新单曲 《The One》 强势来袭,这是他们首张处女大碟 《Memories ...Do Not Open》 中的第三首先行曲。 The American DJ duo, T he Chainsmokers , came without any warning with the new single "The One" , which is the third first track in their first debut album "Memories ... Do Not Open" . Compared with their previous songs, the style of this song is more soothing and gentle, the slowly progressive melody rhythm is very ear-catching, and Drew ’s magnetically charming voice is also fascinating once again. Now come to listen to this song together Sing it!

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