hg636.com Day25 Loved ones must have love, loved ones have heart and dear

Day25 Loved ones must have love, loved ones have heart and dear

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Tonight Aries, you share with me your little experience and little feelings after practice.

Even though I'm not in a city, I can feel that you are really happy at this moment.

I think of an article "Friends, is a different kind of gentleness" I recorded many years ago, and it is appropriate to revisit this time.

I have recently read Mike's text, and I do n’t understand why I bought his set of books and magazines. I am still not used to his style in the past few years. Even if I read it two or three years apart today, I ca n’t see half of a book. Maybe it is not necessarily the style of writing and my own factors that make it impossible to read, but my big impression is that no matter what way, they are actually mumbling. Yesterday, I closed the book and changed it.

There is no need to force on things that are at your disposal.

Do not force yourself or others, this is the subject I am practicing.

"Dear, I'm glad we have improved a little bit in our own growth!


Dear, we have many identities in society, daughters, sisters or sisters, wives, mothers, staff ... But no matter what, we still look like ourselves. Among the various identities, don't forget that we still have ourselves and work hard for our own expectations.

Dear, we are not perfect, but we can progress a little bit in self-growth, getting closer and closer to our expectations. "

I like this kind of interpretation of dear words: loved ones must have love, loved ones have heart and dear.

The above is for you and for myself.

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