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[Sunshine • Exchange] Jiucheng Xinmeiling Brand Ironing Machine 100% Transfer

Public number: NXTV Urban Sunshine Source: Time: 2020-02-21 01:55:19

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The items transferred in the show today are from the physical store of the customer exchange center located in Yinghua Shopping Center. Is a household hanging ironing machine, the brand is Meiling brand, the condition is not bad.

Replacement information

Today, the ironing machine transferred from the physical store of the customer exchange center is pink and white, with a small appearance. The condition looks pretty good. It was bought by a changer for his daughter-in-law, and it was left to use without much use. Now it is used for consignment.

This hanging ironing machine has not many functions. There are two options of silk and cotton and linen. There are switches. The gears are not particularly many. The height of the lifting rod can be adjusted. It is also convenient to bring a rack for hanging clothes.

The advantage of this hanging iron is that it is compact and does not take up space, and it is easy to operate. The water tank is made of transparent material and can be disassembled for easy cleaning. Ms. Jiang introduced that the packaging and instructions of this ironing machine are now gone, but the functions can be used normally.

Exchange Center: Ms. Jiang

Item information:

Meiling Brand Ironing Machine


Bought and used it once or twice

individual shopping:

Other items of equal value are negotiable

Cash purchase:

Minimum 100 yuan

contact number:


Let ’s take a look at what else is on sale today.

Other replacement information

网友“秋惜娇”有沙发一组,一大一小,出售价格200元。 1. Netizen "Qiu Xijiao" has a group of sofas, one big and one small, and the selling price is 200 yuan. (Change guest community)

2. The netizen "Coke" has a brand new children's scooter, and the child ca n’t play, so it is transferred. I want to exchange a children's car or other items.

3. Netizen "Xiao Cong" had a new folding sofa bed for 1,200 yuan at the time of purchase, which was transferred because it was too large. The selling price is 700 yuan. Phone: 18695257890

Please inform the public welfare activities

Come soon

Join the children's flea market!

Single chess download

Dear friends,

Tell everyone good news

April 8 and April 9

盈华购物中心 联合『阳光换客中心』 " Yinghua Shopping Center " and "Sunshine Exchange Center"

Host a children's flea market event

Activity time:

9:30 a.m. 2:30 p.m.

(April 8th and 9th)


5-15 years old children

Activity process:

1. Require each child to sign the banner of “Environmental Protection, Create Civilized Shopping Mall” before setting up the booth, so that children can talk about civilization, establish a new style, and refuse uncivilized behaviors such as throwing objects at high altitudes and littering.

2. Before the event, please select at least 5 items for exchange or purchase. Bring your own small table or tablecloth.

3. Admission starts at 9:00. Parents lead the children to set up stalls, place merchandise and price tags, and submit auction item information.

4. Trading officially starts at 9:30.

5. Ask the children to sell their products.

6. Free exchange, the maximum price of each item cannot be higher than 15 yuan.

7. There is a children's auction at 3:00 pm.

Trading items:

A. Books and periodicals (various children's books, children's education books, family health books, etc.)

B. Stationery (painting tools, pencils and other stationery, preferably brand new idle)

C. Children's toys (cars, airplanes, Ultraman, Barbie dolls and other toys)

D. Children's appliances (toddlers, twisters, strollers, etc.)

E. Homemade works (children's homemade toys, paintings, small crafts, etc.)


南三号路交叉口东南拐角盈华购物中心二楼 The second floor of Yinghua Shopping Center at the southeast corner of the intersection of Changcheng Road and Yingnan 3rd Road in Yinchuan

contact number:

18995001274 13369589487


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