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How to guide children to be opinionated?

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I believe that many parents have this confusion: children grow up day by day, but they become less and less opinionated, often do not know what they want. In fact, no one wants their babies to be a person with no other thoughts in the future. Therefore, it is especially important to encourage children to develop the habit of independent thinking and decision-making in the subtle influence of daily life. What kinds of abilities do you want to focus on to make your child an independent person? 孩子缺乏独立思考能力,究其原因,与他们所处的环境有关,特别是家庭环节。 Independent thinking ability Children lack independent thinking ability, the reason is related to their environment, especially the family link. Therefore, the key to cultivating children's good independent thinking ability is proper family education.

To make children think, parents must first encourage their children to ask more questions. Whether a child likes to ask questions depends on how his feedback is received: is it taken seriously or is it perfunctory? Does it provoke more sermons or cause interesting conversations? Does it make him proud and be Approved, it still made him feel embarrassed and ugly. Therefore, answering your child's questions earnestly, sincerely, with interest, and with enthusiasm is the best encouragement for your child to ask questions. When smart parents face their children's problems, they will try to teach them how to solve the problems and let them learn to think independently. For example, when the TV at home suddenly has no video and sound, parents can let the child find the problem by themselves, and see if it is a problem with the power supply or the TV itself.

In the process of finding answers, children have exercised their thinking skills and accumulated experience. When they find answers to problems, they will be full of sense of accomplishment and their thinking skills will be improved accordingly. Parents can also simplify the big problem into multiple small problems, reduce the difficulty, guide the child to think actively, and even teach the child a simple analysis and reasoning process. After the child starts to talk, there is a little "100,000 whys". Parents can master some questioning skills and inspire their children to think more.

For example, when reading a picture book story, parents can ask their children questions about the basic information in the book. For example, "Where does Little Red Riding Hood live?" Allows children to answer questions based on understanding the story. For example: "Why does Little Red Riding Hood go through the forest?" If the child is older, he can "evolve" to some more complicated questions: "What would happen if Little Red Riding Hood went to see a grandmother with a friend?" "If you It ’s Little Red Riding Hood. What ’s the difference between what you do and what she does? ”The essence of questioning at this level is to inspire children to apply what they have learned from other occasions to the current scene, and encourage children to jump out of the storyline itself and grasp Recombining knowledge, picking out important information to draw your own conclusions. 一般人认为,独立决策是成人才有的能力,孩子只要听话就够了。 Independent decision-making ability Generally, independent decision-making is the ability of adult talents, and children need only be obedient. In fact, we have overlooked that this ability will not be suddenly acquired when the child is 16 or 20 years old, so it is important for the child to gradually learn to decide his own affairs. Younger children can learn how to make decisions step by step through daily life. "Would you like to wear a red T-shirt or blue?" You show both the clothes to the child for him to consider carefully. Most children are able to make these initial decisions. Elementary school students have begun to determine their own affairs in more areas, such as food, clothing, and entertainment. In these areas, parents can give their children the opportunity to choose, such as "Oatmeal or toast?" "What do you want to do first, do homework or do the dishes?" "Do you want to clean your room now or after lunch?" Activities give children a variety of choices, and you can help him learn how to think carefully before acting. The more he practiced at this point, the easier it will be to make bigger and more important decisions in future life. Some things we take for granted, for children, need to learn. For older children, it can benefit them by listening to adults about the decision-making process. For example, a child asks, "Can we go out to dinner tonight?" The parent may answer: "We only ate out at noon yesterday, and the hamburger I bought was in the refrigerator. If we go out tonight to eat, the hamburger may It ’s broken, it ’s a waste. But I think if you put the burger in the frozen layer, you can still eat it on Thursday. But on Thursday we invited our grandmother for dinner, and the burger will not be enough. Maybe we ’ll go out to eat tonight Buy more food when you come back. Okay, let ’s go out tonight. ”You will find that a long monologue that looks so sloppy, compared to the parent ’s simple answer“ Yes ”or“ No ”, allows children to learn To more knowledge about decision making. The child eventually learns to make decisions for himself. Our task is to seize every opportunity to teach him how to make good decisions when he is young, to help children establish inner rules and guide them to become more capable and responsible people. This is the most important task for all parents. . 自信心是一个人对自身力量的认识和充分估计,它是自我意识的重要组成部分。 Let children believe in their own strength. Self-confidence is a person's understanding and full estimation of their own strength. It is an important part of self-awareness. In order to train a child to be an independent person, in addition to thinking and decision-making, self-confidence is also a key element. Some children do not see their own abilities and feel inferior to others. Therefore, parents must evaluate their children's performance in a positive language, constantly enrich their knowledge, and improve their abilities from all aspects; create conditions so that children have the opportunity to fully express themselves; strengthen their confidence, so that they believe Your own strength.

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