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April Fool's Day is not stupid

Public number: Dennis Department Store, Anyang Changdefu Source: Time: 2020-02-21 01:54:58

Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Huadu bet on jade

Nothing to say, laugh! The editor compiled a few small skills for the April Fool's Day for you. Get decisively to check the original picture. The method is here.


Happy April Fools' Day    

At the critical moment, I accidentally fell into the pit and found out ...


I have been bearing it, I should not be handsome and beautiful at this age

I don't know the principle, I feel



But for April Fool ’s Day

The gatherings between friends must be indispensable

It's time to go out and hurry

To Dennis Chand House April 1-April 4

Here is the season

Members get double points for cosmetics purchase ~

During the event, customers who shop at the department store Changdefu, please pay attention to your shopping receipts. If the words "First Prize", "Second Prize" and "Third Prize" are displayed, they will win! You can take the winning ticket of the day to the 1F front desk to receive the corresponding gift!

Note: 1. Winners need to collect it on the same day. Place for receiving prizes: 1F help desk; 2. According to the relevant provisions of the " People's Republic of China Income Tax Law", winning customers are required to pay 20% personal income tax; 3. Note: According to the current "Personal Income Tax Law": there is no threshold for accidental income, Accidental income is calculated based on the amount of income received at the rate of 20% of personal income tax, withheld by the payment unit and individual. Tax payment location: 102/105 Taiwan; 4. The gifts are subject to the actual goods on site, and no cash will be exchanged! The electronic coupon is limited to 3 / 24-4 / 4.

From April 1st to April 4th, if you have accumulated more than 5,000 yuan in purchase at the Changdefu Department Store, you can redeem the corresponding gift with the small ticket on the day to the 1F front desk, buy more and redeem!

Note: 1. Purchase of Dennis gift certificate, delivery note or pickup card, hypermarket, KFC, gold jewelry, clock appliances, fitness equipment, and other special cases and counters that do not participate in the gift-free activities; 2. Only one person can redeem the shopping voucher on the day. It cannot be accumulated across days, and the remaining amount of the redeemed ticket (which has been entered into the computer) cannot be combined into the next redemption accumulation; 3, the electronic coupon is limited to 4 / 1-4 / 4 after it is used at the department store Zhangdefu store, it will be invalidated if expired! If you want to return, you need to return the gift.

Complete guide to doomsday apartment

Card Friends Points Real Time! Where card friends bind WeChat, they can redeem e-coupons by operating points themselves! By analogy or by holding the VIP card to the 3F VIP Center, you can eliminate the points in the card to redeem the corresponding gifts!

important hint:

2016 VIP points will be cleared on April 30, 2017, so please redeem in time!

Gold privilege

积分。 In the month of the birthday of a Gold Card member, you can enjoy 3x points for the first purchase of a VIP Gold Card.

Make an appointment one hour in advance!

Note: 1. E-coupons will not be credited for purchases; 2 Abnormal cards will not be redeemed! If in doubt, they must be verified and signed by the relevant supervisor before being redeemed. Stores participate in the use of point counters.

3 / 24-4 / 4, Anyone who follows the official WeChat of Dennis Department Store Chande House can participate in the interactive lottery for free, and send "tread" to enter the game page.

Note: (1) Winners are required to bring their ID, WeChat winning page and SN code to receive the corresponding gifts at the 1F front desk during the business period on April 4 , expired and voided. Unlimited times during the event, whichever is the highest. (3) In the end, according to the score, the top 100 will win the corresponding fine gifts!

When the earth is green, spring's footsteps are approaching, the wind blows gently, and we listen to the sound of spring together. 宝贝来丹尼斯百货彰德府店,免费参与风 4 / 2-4 / 4, take the baby to Dennis Chand House, and participate in the free of charge

Bell DIY! Limited to the top 100 every day! Participation is limited to once per person!

Recruitment: Children aged 3-12 must be accompanied by a parent

ways of registration:

1) Wechat registration: follow the official WeChat of Dennis Department Store Changdefu and send

"Child name + phone + participation time" is a successful registration;

2) On-site registration: Hold an unlimited amount of small shopping tickets to the 1F reception desk or the event site to register and participate;

3) VIP telephone registration: please call 0372-3385859

Activity time: 4 / 2-4 / 4, 10: 00-11: 30, 15: 00-17: 00,

Venue: 1F Event Hall

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