www.hg5277.com April 9-15, 2017 (6th Sunny Day Outdoor) Semporna Sabah, Malaysia

April 9-15, 2017 (6th Sunny Day Outdoor) Semporna Sabah, Malaysia

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream


The last herding people of the sea

Haili Bayao people without nationality

The purest dark blue charm in the world

The safest snorkeling, deep sea world is within easy reach

A unique sea house with 360 sea views ...

[Sabah]: The beauty is beyond words, he is heaven, a country without cold. Perennial maximum is 32 degrees Celsius. He is not in Phuket, Thailand. Phuket is too enthusiastic. He is not in the Maldives. The Maldives is too lonely. He is in Sabah, Malaysia. Sabah goes to the mountains and the sea, a lively bazaar, a boiling nightclub, romantic blue tears, rare flora and fauna, if you have not been to Sabah, then bring your passport and camera on your back and get on the road. [Semporna]: Located on the east coast of East Sabah, it is a small town with a small population, but because it is the gateway to diving sites such as Sipadan, Kapalai, Mabu, etc. In addition, here the sea water comforts the blue, the sea and the sky are the same, and the visibility in the water is extremely high. The scenery is superb. [Mabu Island]: The white sandy beach surrounds this island. The water is very transparent. Standing on the trestle and looking down, it is like looking at your own fish tank, colorful fish and starfish, and black sea urchin. Light. Mabul Island is more impersonal; there are currently two water resorts in Mabul Island waters. Half of the island is a resort and the other half is home to indigenous people. The life of the original inhabitants combined with the cultural atmosphere and other beautiful coastal scenery has formed the unique scenery of Xianben. It is also the only one of the four islands with original inhabitants, and the environment is relatively complicated! [Kapalai Island]: It is a sand bar located between Sipadan Island and Mabul Island. The crystal clear sea of Kapalai is truly a paradise floating on the water, adjacent to the world's second-most diving sanctuary Sipadan. A 20-minute boat ride from Kapalai is romantic: it cannot be said in the strict sense. It's an island, it's just a sand bar, and the resort here is made up of wooden cabins built directly on the water. [Madakin]: There is a very beautiful long-tailed beach. Madagascar Island is original: large area, lush vegetation on the island, no floating houses, only wooden houses with sea and garden views. PS: This line is welcome to customize! !! !! [Activity type] Overseas travel [Activity date] April 9th-April 15th [Scenery evaluation] ★★★★★ [Suitable for the crowd] 5-60 years old, healthy, and love the outdoors [Meeting place] Semporna (Malaysia) [Event cost] 3700 (Please refer to the description below for details) [Contact phone] Men in the wind: 13107659323 18059013351 [Communication group for this event] Add the leader male WeChat: 13107659323 and establish WeChat group D1 (April 9 Day): Around the Universe-Semporna meets D2 (April 10): Semporna rests and adjusts, Semporna town turns around, or go to island hopping. Semporna to the four islands of the Ocean Park (Sleeping Beauty Island, Mecca Island, Manda Bay, Warship Island) Bayao D3 (April 11): Semporna-Mabul Island D4 (April 12): Mabul Island free activities (snorkeling or pre-booked Sipadan places, contact the leader in advance) D5 (April 13): Mabul Island-Kapalai-Semporna D6 (April 14): Sempor That-Madagascar-Semporna D7 (April 15): Semporna-Tawau Airport-Kuala Lumpur-Return to all parts of the universe The cost of 3,700 yuan / person includes the following: About 1 hour each way) Insurance: Insurance for all trips outside of Asia and Asia. Accommodation: 6 days accommodation, 4 nights at Semporna, 2 nights at Mabu Island B & B and Water House. Standard room (2-3 persons) dining: The whole process includes 2 breakfasts, 5 Chinese foods, and 2 dinners. Details: 10-day lunch at Ocean Park, all-inclusive meals at Mabu Island for 3 days and 2 nights, Madagascar for lunch at noon, other meals at AA. Speedboat: The round-trip fare from Semporna to Mabul Island / Kapalai and Semporna to and from Madagascar Island is about 1 hour each way. Ocean park island hopping day trip, including snorkeling fee, lunch fee (other teams are self-funded items, we include) Snorkeling: Madang / Kapale / Mabu Island 3-day snorkeling fee, Madang / Ma Budao / Kapalai 3-day snorkeling equipment (life jacket, mask, snorkel, it is recommended to bring snorkeling equipment mask and snorkel) On the island: Island tax on the island pier during the trip Not Included: Large round trip transportation costs; Meals not included. Malaysia visa fee: about 250 yuan / person for deep diving, generally 340 yuan / person for diving without a certificate. Additional costs due to force majeure reasons such as traffic delays, wars, coups, strikes, weather, aircraft machine failures, flight cancellations or time changes. Friendly reminder: If you want to have an international diving certificate, you need to pay an additional 2,000 yuan based on the original cost of the activity. You can reach the OW course diving certificate after training and assessment. Of course, you have more time than other team members. Stay for a day, if necessary, you can consult the leader! Registration method: 1. Telephone or QQ consultation registration, registration needs to provide: real name, gender, ID number (need to buy insurance), contact phone number, number of accompanying persons. 2. The payment of 3,700 yuan / person is subject to the successful payment and confirmation. Payment method Fengnan (man in the wind) Collection information: 1. Alipay account: 13107659323 Beneficiary: Wu Zhenjie 2. Ping An Bank Taijiang Sub-branch account number: 62305083000000945578 Beneficiary: Wu Zhenjie 3. Agricultural Bank Gushan Sub-branch, Aofeng Branch office account number: 6228480068855295975 Beneficiary: Wu Zhenjie After sending the remittance, send a short message to: 13107659323 PS: After the successful remittance, please send a short message to the payee in time ((net name, name, ID)) so that we can purchase insurance uniformly, and Please keep the remittance documents for easy checking if necessary; 3. If you need to lead the train ticket or air ticket booking, please inform your ID card and passport in advance. It is recommended to apply for a VISA or MASTER dual currency credit card. Bring your own clothing: Mainly summer, comfortable and light, all indoor air conditioners in Imalay have air-conditioning, it is recommended to wear a thin coat sunscreen: Malaysia has a tropical climate, the best sun protection index for cosmetics is above SPF50, and light sunscreen Clothing, parasols, etc. D1: Everywhere in the universe-Semporna (collection) Today is the assembly day (only Today you can reach Semporna), no matter where you come from, other than China or around the universe, we gather here today, we met here. With mouth-watering seafood and delicious tropical fruits, local barbecue stalls have begun. Meal: Self-care all day: Semporna D2: Semporna Marine Park. Sleeping Beauty Island, Mecca Island, Manda Bay, Warship Island, and Bayao (may be shortened according to time) Island hopping D3: Semporna-Mabul Island Mabul Island Snorkeling, enjoy the sunset at the sea on Mabul Island. Of course, deep diving here can still be considered. When you come to the island, of course, you can enjoy cheap and fresh raw lobster, wrasse shrimp, eastern starfish, and sea fish, sea urchin, squid, which are not named. The price is as cheap as you can imagine, haha! When you come to the island for tourism, the local fishing project should be a feature, because you must experience the feeling of being a fisherman once. I checked it out at cocoa. This time, I ca n’t miss it. On the day of the activity (snorkeling or booking the Sipadan place in advance, and contacting the leader in advance), I can go anywhere. I just want to stay quietly by the sea and just watch it quietly. Today is free. I want to make an appointment in advance for Sipadan. Sipadan's world-famous diving site, whether it is deep diving or snorkeling, is worth having a good time. If you want to go, please inform the team leader to make an appointment in advance, because Sipadan limits the number of people on the island to 120 per day. If you don't go to Sipadan's children's shoes, continue to free activities on Mabul Island, snorkeling, swimming, daze and so on. Return to Semporna together at night. D5: Mabul Island-Kapalai-Semporna If you want to watch the sunrise on the sea in Mabul Island, you must get up early, and you are not allowed to stay in bed. Today, you can dive, snorkel, swim, and turn around the small fishing village of Mabul Island, you may not get anything! After breakfast, head to Kapalai for snorkeling, and return to Semporna D6 after lunch. Semporna-Madaking-Semporna went through a one-hour boat ride. The color of the sea water changed from dark blue to light blue until the first line of the sea and sky. At that time, Madagascar finally appeared. (There is a small section of the beach here that is a private resort and it is not allowed to enter.) Madang Beach is beautiful, the corals here are beautiful, and there are many fish schools here. You won't regret snorkeling here. D7: Semporna-Tawau Airport-Kuala Lumpur-Return to all parts of the universe. We are ready to go home. The trip to the island and the holiday trip will end here. See you next time! Temperature: Sabah is located in the tropics. The annual temperature is between 23 and 32 ° C. There is almost no change. Various water activities can be performed at any time. Mountainous areas are cooler, such as Kinabalu National Park. Precipitation: From October to March of each year, the air is humid and the rainfall is heavy, and it is the rainy season; from May to September, the rainfall is small and it is the dry season. Relatively speaking, the dry season is more suitable for tourism. Although there is a lot of rain in the rainy season, it rains suddenly and stops quickly. There is rarely even rain. After the heavy rain, the weather turns cooler and feels more comfortable. There is a saying that "four seasons are summer, and one rain becomes autumn". Monsoon: Although Sabah is located in the hurricane zone, it is almost undisturbed by the typhoon, so it has the reputation of being a country under the wind. Both the wet southeast wind in the rainy season and the dry southwest wind in the dry season bring coolness and coziness. Language: Sabah's official language is Malaysian, and English and Mandarin (Mandarin) are widely used. Many Chinese live in urban areas with Hakka and Min Nan dialects as their main dialects. Young people can basically speak and understand Cantonese in Mandarin. Chinese tourists usually do not encounter language barriers in urban areas. Currency: Malaysian currency is Ringgit (RM, Ringgit for short), the exchange rate is 1 yuan ≈ 0.5 ringgit, 1 US dollar ≈ 3.19 ringgit. The exchange rate at the airport is mostly around 0.48 ringgit, and the maximum face value is 100 ringgit. However, it is better to use 50 face value when changing money. At present, the ATMs of the three major banks in Malaysia support UnionPay withdrawals. They are Hong Leong Bank with a blue logo, May Bank with a yellow logo, and Public Bank with a white logo. Meals: It would be cheaper to cook by yourself. The cost of living in Malaysia is not very high, and prices are generally twice that of domestic ones, but many goods are cheaper than domestic ones, and the cost of eating out will be the same as or lower than that of large domestic cities. Large cities in Malaysia such as Kuala Lumpur, breakfast in the dining room is generally within RM 5-8, and lunch in the dining room (coffee shop) is also within RM 5-8. If you eat a meal in the mall, it is about RM 15-30 per person. It is usually RM 5-8 for dinner in the dining room. Tipping: Malaysia does not have the habit of tipping. If you are satisfied with the service, you can tip 5-10 ringgit depending on the situation. When dining in a restaurant, the bill usually includes 6% government tax and 10% service tax on the checkout, so no tipping is required. Taxi: Taxi stands can be found near many restaurants, shopping malls or shopping malls. You can also ask and arrange taxi transfers at hotel counters. The cost of the airport to and from the city usually costs 30 ringgit, but a 50% service charge will be charged from 0:00 to 6:00 in the middle of the night. Most of the taxi cabs in Malaysia are black-yellow or red-and-white with the words "Teksi", "TeksiBermeter" or "KeretaSewa" printed on them. Most of them are air-conditioned. Tourists can also negotiate with the driver for a chartered car, let him be responsible for the same day pick-up and follow you to several attractions. Motorbike rental: Motorcycles can be rented from GG RentA Motorbike for RM20 for 5 hours and RM40 for the whole day. The owner will also provide you with maps and help you plan your trip so that you can play the best. 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