hg1803.com In order not to make myself fat, I didn't expect that I could be so hard on myself ...

In order not to make myself fat, I didn't expect that I could be so hard on myself ...

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Mengluo Fanghua

As the saying goes, "No weight loss in March, but sadness in June." Now it's April. Where have you all those little friends who yelled to lose weight?

Don't talk about others, I am one of them

As a complete foodie

I haven't treated myself badly all winter

Always thinking that I've been eating grass all summer

It's not enough to compensate yourself in the season of covering meat?

So it went wider and wider on the road of horizontal development ...

Qingming passed

The warmer and warmer the clothes, the less

Weight is increasing

Looking at myself in the mirror every day

Beautiful mood is reduced by half

In order not to let myself fall like this again

Xiaobian decided to start a reasonable diet and eat more nutritious meals

At least it can guarantee that I will not continue to develop horizontally

If you have the same friends as me, just bookmark it.

A well-balanced and healthy meal consisting of staple foods, meat and eggs, vegetables and fats . Staple food, meat, eggs, and fats provide the body with three essential nutrients: carbohydrates, protein, and fat. Vegetables provide other dietary ingredients while supplementing the body with vitamins and minerals, such as dietary fiber as we know it.

In addition to these, the selection of fat-reducing meals is more sophisticated than that of normal healthy meals. For example, whole grain coarse grains are often used instead of white rice noodles, and low-fat meat such as fish and chicken breasts are preferred.

Below, I recommend five very popular fat-reducing ingredients to let you say goodbye to tedious chicken breast fat-reducing meals.

No.1 Instant Oatmeal

Of course, the source of slow-release carbohydrates (carbohydrates that are full for a long time) that is both convenient and high-quality is of course instant oats. In addition, oats can also supplement the body with nutrients such as B vitamins, which is really good for reducing fat and health! You can have more ready-to-eat oats in the office and eat them before you work out or when you need energy. More intimately, the ready-to-eat oats on the market now have written calories and ingredients, which is convenient for fat-reducing people to control calories.

Suggested way of eating: as the main or main meal of a regular meal, brew with skimmed milk or mix it with yogurt, you can add an appropriate amount of nuts to enrich the nutrition.

No.2 Fresh shrimp

In addition to common chicken breast and beef, what other ingredients can be a source of protein in a fat-reducing meal? Of course it is fresh shrimp. Most fresh shrimps have a protein content of more than 30% and a fat content of less than 3%. They are low in calories and low in fat. And the shrimp is delicious and easy to cook. It is delicious when cooked directly!

Suggested method of eating: quinoa prawn vegetable salad


Fresh shrimp, quinoa, virgin fruit, purple cabbage, salt, vinegar, shallots, milk, lemon juice, walnut oil

Wind and snow at night


1. Cook the shrimp and quinoa and chop the virgin fruit and purple cabbage.

2. Put fresh shrimp, maiden fruit, and purple cabbage in a container, add chopped green onion, ground ginger, a spoonful of milk, and squeeze a few drops of lemon juice.

3. Add quinoa and stir in walnut oil.

4. Finally, add a small spoon of vinegar and an appropriate amount of salt and stir it.

No.3 almond

Nuts are not only rich in unsaturated fatty acids, but also various vitamins (such as vitamin E), potassium, dietary fiber and so on. Therefore, compared to cooking oil, nuts are actually a better choice for fat sources in reduced-fat meals. We recommend that you choose almonds that are relatively full, and use other fat-reducing ingredients to make a fat-reducing meal.

Suggested eat: purple potato, grapefruit, almond salad


Purple sweet potato, grapefruit, almond, lettuce, lemon, olive oil, honey, black pepper


1. Cut purple potatoes into pieces and cook them for future use. Wash and tear the lettuce. Break grapefruit into small pieces.

2. Squeeze half a lemon, add olive oil, honey, and black pepper to make vinegar juice; mix all the ingredients, add an appropriate amount of vinegar juice and stir quickly.

No.4 Broccoli

Broccoli is also a fat-reducing ingredient loved by fitness people in recent years. The reason is very simple. It is low in calories, full and full, nutritious and rich, and fast and delicious! After cooking, broccoli contains vitamin C, carotene, potassium, folic acid, vitamin A, magnesium, pantothenic acid, iron, and phosphorus. In addition, the calories per 100 grams of broccoli are only 36 calories, which is equivalent to the calories of a cookie, which is really a good ingredient for weight loss.

Suggested eat: Chicken broccoli soup with pumpkin


Onion, tomato, pumpkin, broccoli, coconut milk, chicken nuggets


1. Chopped onion, chopped tomatoes, boil pumpkin and broccoli together for 20-25 minutes.

2. Add pumpkin milk and broccoli after cooking.

3, chicken pieces in another pan until golden, remove and spread on the noodle soup.

Food can not be rejected, for the coming June to control the type of diet. To be honest, although these foods are delicious, the whole body hurts when I think that I can no longer eat my favorite meat.

According to Tianjin Food, Internet, etc.

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