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What kind of man is it worth your time to sleep with him?

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It is said that two people's life is nothing more than multiple people eating and sleeping together, it is no different. But in fact, some men, even if you sleep with him in a bed, have the same dream; and some men, it is worth your life with him.


It will wrap you into a ball when it's cold, not a man who thinks you are fat

Women are all beautiful, so even in the winter, many women can be seen wearing skirts barefooted for grace, shaking in the cold wind.

And the man who really loves you, never puts good or bad first, there is nothing more important in his heart than your body. When you are ready to go out with a thin heart and a beautiful heart, he will hurry to stop you and take out the thickest equipment to wrap it for you. You blame him for wrapping you into a ball, but he nodded with satisfaction.

He doesn't dislike you, as long as it doesn't freeze you.


Man willing to let you put his hands in his clothes for heating in winter

As soon as you get into winter, your hands and feet are cold, especially afraid of cold. You often prank your hands into his neck and clothes to keep warm. He never hides, but instead tucks the hand you have taken back into his clothes and patiently warms you up.

On a winter night, he laughed and said that your feet smelled bad, and at the same time he held your cold feet in his arms and held him, and the heat of his chest reached your heart along the toes.

Because he loves you, he is willing to use your body as your heater, so that you can warm up arbitrarily. No matter how cold it is, your heart will be hot.


No matter how late, men who are willing to get up and pour water for you

You are thirsty in the middle of the night. He has never been impatient, always climbing up to pour water for you, and remember to dry it for you. When you talk about it the next morning, he no longer remembers it.

He is really sleepy, but whenever you need him, he is willing to do it for you as long as he is there. Taking care of you has become his instinct and habit.


A man who will adapt to your preferences while sleeping

The happiest moment of the day is going to bed, busy with everything, paralyzed in bed to find a comfortable position until dawn. But everyone's favorite sleeping habits are different. If a man can adapt to your posture while sleeping, then he must really love you.

He is used to sleeping on his back, but you like him to come and hug you to sleep, so he comes to hug you to sleep; you like to sleep with his arms on his pillow, and he will let you sleep all night and get up the next day Half of his shoulders were numb; he was very sensitive to the light source, and it was difficult to fall asleep with a lit light, but you like to sleep with the lights on, and you feel safe, so he lights up every time you sleep.

No matter how good the couple and the couple will have different habits, but it doesn't matter, he is willing to let you. As long as you are good, he is fine.


Man who will do everything to make you sleep well

You have a lot of work pressure, either you can't sleep all night and all night, or you have to sleep all night and dream all night.

He distresses you and will do everything for you, try every way, just to make you sleep well all night!

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