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vivo X9Plus leads these big screen phones can not be missed

Public number: Jiuzhou Communication Source: Time: 2020-02-21 01:54:31

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With the increasing demand for screen size, mobile phones on the market are showing an increasing trend. In addition to the pursuit of audiovisual experience, users pay more attention to the one-handed operation experience of mobile phones, so narrow-border design mobile phones are also emerging. Large-screen phones are not only a good companion when watching videos and playing games, but also the best partners when taking photos. Today, I will introduce four mobile phones known for their large screens, so that everyone can have the best experience when chasing dramas, playing games, and taking photos.

Plus led these big screen phones can not be missed

Ultra-narrow border breakthrough distance: vivo X9Plus

采用超窄边框设计,5.88英寸超大屏幕,搭配第五代康宁大猩猩玻璃和全新穹顶式U形天线,体积上提升给电池容量提升的空间,从X9的3050mAh增大到4000mAh,与之前vivo推出过的“Plus”系列产品一样具备更加出色的续航能力。 The vivo X9Plus uses an ultra-narrow bezel design, a 5.88-inch large screen, and a fifth-generation Corning Gorilla Glass and a new dome-shaped U-shaped antenna. The volume is increased to give room for battery capacity, from 3050mAh to 4000mAh of the X9. The "Plus" series products launched by vivo also have better battery life.

The picture shows vivo X9Plus

In terms of configuration, equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon octa-core processor and 6GB large-capacity memory, vivo's split screen and dual-open functions are smoother, and power consumption can be lowered under high-performance operation. 的前置主摄像头采用vivo独家定制2000万像素IMX376传感器,在弱光下合成更大感光面积,提升画面亮度,而800万像素副摄像头,可精准测量景深,双摄像头协同自拍下,使不同远近的拍照物体分层,让人物主体对焦更加突出,层次线条分明,达到背景虚化的浅景深效果。 In terms of taking pictures, the front main camera of vivo X9Plus uses vivo ’s exclusive custom 20-megapixel IMX376 sensor, which synthesizes a larger photosensitive area in low light to improve the screen brightness. The 8-megapixel secondary camera can accurately measure the depth of field. Next, layer different photographed objects at different distances to make the focus of the subject more prominent, with clear lines and layers to achieve a shallow depth of field with blurred background.

The picture shows vivo X9Plus

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Big screen vivo Supports dual-engine flash charging, charging faster, and can easily meet daily power requirements. Meanwhile, vivo Inheriting the classic VIVO-Fi style, it can restore the music more realistically, so that users can be full of their eyes while enjoying their fullness.

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