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Why do so many people like jade? Ten uses of emerald

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Yingfeng Jade is located in Ruili City, Yunnan Province. The primary source of the Wacheng processing factory in Myanmar is that each product is a natural A product. The finished products of the same quality are about 2-10 times lower than the market price. Support three days return and exchange, Taobao transactions. We have branches in Ruili and Guangdong. Tel: 15969236699 (Ruili); 13686463556 (Shenzhen); WeChat: 15969236699

1. Value preservation and appreciation: In the past 30 years, high-end jadeite has increased in value by 60,000 times.

2. The source of happiness: Jadeite can bring infinite joy and honor to the collector.

3. Pontiac and Jade: Promote people, inspire themselves, and realize life.

4. Heritage of Wealth: Jadeite is the best carrier of spiritual wealth and physical wealth.

5. Wonderful and exciting: The color of jadeite is colorful, which enhances temperament and enhances taste.

6. Eternal gift: Emerald is a token of affection that will never fade and accompany it.

7. Honorable life: Jade has become a kind of accomplishment, and high-end jade has become a symbol of success.


8. Different: Jadeite conveys different life philosophy and values.

9, pray for blessings: the carrier of faith, can make people calm, and then dispel evil blessings.

10. Health care effect: Jadeite can regulate energy metabolism and balance the level of trace elements in the human body.

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