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How to apply foundation to keep makeup on all day

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It's not like applying more foundation, the basic care is heavy before applying foundation. If you don't do the skin care step, apply the makeup directly, drag it out first!
Misunderstanding 1: After cleaning the face without basic care, you can directly apply the entire face with foundation, skipping the complicated basic care steps. Skin care must be done before applying makeup. Although some base makeup has added skin care ingredients, it cannot completely replace skin care products. Applying makeup directly can easily clog pores and dry skin.
不少MM看到明星裸妆,觉得裸妆就是用量少。 Misunderstanding 2: Just applying a layer of foundation is nude makeup. Many MM see celebrity nude makeup and think that nude makeup is a small amount. Applying less is natural, so you do n’t apply it more naturally! The beauty of nude makeup is that it is exquisite without traces. For flawless base makeup, conceal it partially. If you have severe spots, acne marks, and dark circles, don't keep applying foundation. Not only can't cover it, but also make the original good skin into a flour wall.Partial blemishes should be covered with a small amount of concealer .
一般去挑选粉底的时候,会推荐买比自身深一个色号的粉底颜色。 Misunderstanding 3: When using a dark foundation, you can get thinner . When choosing foundations, it is recommended to buy a foundation color that is darker than itself. In fact, it is not for thinning, but also to make the skin color more natural, but also to avoid the embarrassment of yin and yang lines on the face and neck. If you want to be thin, it is also a partial repair, and the darkest foundation of Asians will look very yellow. Foundation + repair powder is the right solution. If you want to modify the shape of your face, you can swipe a little shadow on the side. The color of the repair powder should not be too dark, otherwise it will look unnatural.
现在粉底的功效越来越强大,也不太容易脱妆,所以很多MM就懒得再定妆。 Misunderstanding 4: You do n’t need to set makeup after applying foundation. The effect of foundation is getting stronger and stronger, and it is not easy to take off makeup, so many MMs are too lazy to set makeup. In fact, this is incorrect, because facial oil and sweat will affect the effect of foundation. After setting the foundation, the foundation is more compliant. After applying the foundation, you can use the powder and powder to set the makeup. So that you can have porcelain doll-like skin
How to apply foundation properly
1. Apply the foundation on the face with a pat or foundation brush. 2. Gently press with the ring finger on the nose, eye area, lips and other parts to make the foundation more fit the skin. 3. If you want to make your skin tone more translucent, you can apply the foundation a few times. tips: Applying liquid foundation with your fingers is less, easy to grasp, and has a thin makeup feel, suitable for novices. Applying foundation with sponge is suitable for flawed skin, but foundation will be absorbed by sponges more. Applying foundation with makeup brush is better for skin Skin, but not easy to even, if you are skilled, the makeup brush will be applied quickly and the makeup feel good!

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