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Cherish what you have at the moment

Public number: Cloud Window Art Pavilion Source: Time: 2020-02-21 01:54:22

Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

The blame of love

At present, some small partners are busy to transfer related professional matters

Spent half a year together

Think about what might change from close to the horizon

What Ge Ge wants to say is:

Cherish what you have at the moment

If flowers bloom

Hua Mo Mo Xiang forget


Half a year is fleeting

Looking back at us

With excitement

Step into the long-cherished campus


Yet strange and helpless

From strange to familiar

From Familiarity to Death

Parting from the dead

Everything I have experienced is hidden in my heart

Gratifying and sighing

Mo Chou ignorant

Who doesn't know the world

Although not parted from the north wind blowing wild geese

But still think of this poem

Best friend, oh no, old iron

Half a year is really too short

Boyfriend force

We always encourage each other

Encouraging each other in this picturesque Yunnan

Think back to the beginning

Meet for the first time

First cooperation

Just like yesterday

Who would be willing to leave their best friend alone and go to that unknown area?

I also want to spend the four years with Lao Tie

but I think

Big husband should be decisive

Unremitting pursuit for one's own ideal

You prefer to see a man who is fighting for his ideal

No amount of farewell speeches

Only your own effort is the greatest respect for the old iron

I have a pot of wine

I will remember your affection

Toward the Golden Palace

Old iron

Urge Jun to have a glass of wine

West out of Yangguan without reason

Author Tan Yao Tang Yungang

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